Disney Toy Story 5: Finally Confirmed, Release Date, Plot And More

Toy Story 5 updates

Toy Story was initially released in 1995 and looking back at the year of the release, no one would have believed that the animated movie would become such a massive success. We have just crossed 26 years of a compilation of the show but it doesn’t feel like 26 years. I am pretty sure that the fans of this movie would never fill their hearts and would always crave for more. The popular animated show by Pixar is one of the highest-grossing animated movies at that time. That’s the reason why there are speculations about Toy Story 5. 

The hit animated series first premiered on 22 November 1995. Being produced on a total budget of $520 Million Dollars the movie was able to gross $3 Billion Dollars worldwide. With such a profitable movie, Disney could never think to take it away after one part. Just after 4 years of the release of the first movie, Toy Story 2 was announced and released on the Screen. Likewise, four parts of the show happened and now the viewers are hoping to get the fifth part. 

The audience and critics have critically acclaimed the show and all these years of excellent performance would be the major factors to renew the series. So far, the officials have been highly positive and so has the audience. 

With the last part of the movie released in 2019 and with that there have been barely any updates. The viewers have been putting their high hopes on the show and that would be another reason for it to get greenlit. Having said that, let’s take a look at the future of the show and find out everything about it. 

Toy Story: Everything You Need To Know!

Toy Story 5

I barely doubt that there would be anyone who hasn’t watched Toy Story. It was like the go-to animated film at the time of the release and the spark and craze for the movie is still there among the kids. I have a sister who happens to be just as small as I was when the movie was initially aired. Being a fan of the show, I made her watch the movie. No lying! But she absolutely loved it. 

Produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Animation, the movie was a blockbuster hit at the time of its release. Following the basic human nature that starts with the love and cares towards their non-human things is the basic motto of the film. We came across the life of a little girl who had been filled with a bunch of toys. As she used to hang out with them a lot, she generates a feeling. However, as time passes by, her love gets to change to the new toys. 

The film deals with the basic human traits in a simple yet classic manner. What I loved about these animation films is that they provide a balance in life and there are no restrictions in the age bar. There are adults who are attached to movies and so do the young kids. 

Focusing on the life of the toys that are secretly alive in their own world, the film portrays a Cowboy doll that is the main protagonist of the movie. Along with him, we saw BuzzLightyear who is an absolute favorite of most of the kids! Remember his iconic lineTo infinity…and beyond!”? I Bet you do!

Toy Story 5 Is Finally Renewed By Disney

Toy Story 5 updates

Toy Story is one of the most loved series by Disney and getting another sequel looks pretty easy for a film like it. Getting a sequel for the most successful and popular animation franchise is pretty common for Disney as they are truly devoted to them. 

However, unfortunately, we are not getting Toy Story 5. As per the recent updates, the Officials have not planned to release the fifth sequel of the movie, and instead of it, we are getting Lightyear. 

The series has already released its four parts, which are released in different time gaps and the last movie happened to release in 2019. It’s been 2 years since the show was officially premiered, so hoping to get another part would be silly. 

But as the official confirmation recently hit and the news started to circulate about the fifth installment of the show, fans want to check if the news was actually true or if it’s just a rumor.  

Being an adult, I genuinely missed the old days and that makes me nostalgic. I am pretty sure that there are tons of people that share similar interests like me. For you, I have a new animated show DuckTales that will make you remember every little memory of your childhood. DuckTales Season 3 was just released and fans are wondering if there will be DuckTales Season 4 in the near future. 

When Toy Story 5 is Releasing on the Screen?

Toy Story 5

The officials have confirmed the fifth installment of the animated movie franchise however, this won’t be regarded as an installment or would be more like a spin-off. Toy story 4 was premiered after 9 years of the game and soon it happened, fans started to jump on to the next part. With the release of the movie in 2019, when the world was seeing its dramatic effects and the global pandemic happened there was merely any possibility for the movie to be produced. 

In the recent reports, the officials confirmed that the prediction of the film has already begun and would soon be finished. With the news spread, fans are hoping the drop of the release date. 

The fifth installment of the Lightyear is confirmed to release in 2022. The year is finalized but the officials have not yet released the release date. 

Similar to Toy Story, Disney and Pixer collaborated on the movie Soul which was just released last year. With the movie being featured on Disney Hotstar plus, many people took a chance to watch the show and appreciate the movie. The show gained positive responses from the critics and the audience loved the animated movie. Does it mean that we are getting a sequel? Will there be a Soul 2?

Toy Story 5 Would Be back In A joyful Manner

Toy Story 5

The last movie premiered 3 years ago. The story of the movie was amazing and while it never really talked about the ending of Toy Story 3, it was beautiful in a different manner. 

It was so heartbroken when we saw that our favorite character won’t be back in the show but as Disney made the ending of Woody’s happy, there were no regrets left. We have already seen that the fourth part also beautifully ends the story of another character and it shows how the relationship between these toys has great meanings and explores the depth of love and care.

All three parts of the series majorly focus on Woody and his amazing relationship with his owner. As time passes by and her owner grew older, things started to change. For all three parts, Woody was the center and the main focus of the series. With its chapter getting close to a happy ending, Disney is telling the story of other characters and focusing on them. 

No doubt we all laugh at Lightyear and the fifth installment would be featuring him as the main role. With disney purposely ending the life of every toy in a happy note, we would be delighted to see how the lightyear gets its ending. Although there is no official statement or any spoiler for the fifth part, we at least know that it would be telling the life of Lightyear.