Toradora Season 2 Release Date: What We Know So Far About This Series!

Updated 31-01-2022

There is a saying that anime series may be renewed as soon as the light of speed and may even take decades to remake another season. Well! We couldn’t do it because there are already many anime series that have been renewed after decades when there isn’t a single ray of hope. The same thing is currently happening with the Toradora too. 


The popular anime series which was initially released in 2008, is now giving some major clues to get renewed. The fans couldn’t keep calm and I have seen people getting crazy over it. 

I am sure you are one of those people who gets excited when you see someone tweet regarding Toradora season 2 or possible outcomes. 

In this article, I’m going to discuss everything about this amazing anime series and If you are new to this, you must read about it. 

Toradora – A little bit about it!

toradora 2 updates

Toradora is a Japanese anime series that was originally released in the year 2008. Like every anime series, this one is also based on the manga light novel which was written by Yuyuko takemiya. The graphics and animation were illustrated by Yasu. 

The light novel was published during the 2006-209 time period. The manga series was one of the most popular light novels of the time. That’s when the series got noticed by Tatsuyuki Nagai and he decided to change it into a more convincing way of entertainment. He made an anime out of it which was released on Tokyo TV. 

After the release of the anime, people started to watch this all over Japan and the people outside the country too. The show hasn’t released any more seasons after the completion of the first season. Many people hoped and demanded another season but it didn’t happen. 

Toradora 2 – What is the Current Status of this Anime Series?

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This anime series has been recorded to be one of the most famous during the time of its release. Toradora released its first and only season and after that day till now there isn’t anything much happening with this series. The fans have been demanding continuously over the past decade but the official never said a single word about it. 

Currently, the big hope emerges when the series was booked for Netflix. Netflix has recently taken their interest in the anime series and they already have DeathNote, Attack On Titan, and many more on their platform. The popular online streaming platform is raising its diameter through getting more and more series in their department. 

The audience is getting crazy over this news and this can open many doors to them. I have read many tweets that are super exciting and the fans who couldn’t keep calm get this information. 

Toradora 2 – Is there any possibility of Season 2?

Toradora anime

After the show was released on Netflix, the people get excited and the fans were thinking that this is the chance. Netflix has its own industry where they work on their shows. As Toradora is getting onto their platform they might renew the series too. 

People are hoping that Toradora might get a renewal because it is now under the Netflix hand and it can promote the series well to get another season. If the audience demanded and forced the company, they might release another season.

While all these are the theories of the people there aren’t any official details so far yet.

Toradora 2 – When is it Going to be released?

Toradora Season 2

According to looper The Toradora was released in 2008 in its very first season on television. The show got a hit and people started to love this series for its amazing storyline and characters. Then the news got stopped and season 2 never really happened. 

Now the show has been covered on Netflix and this started to raise the question of whether the series will be back for season 2. It’s been over a decade and the cast and the voice-over artist have also changed over the years. 

If the series is to be caret then they might have to bring new people over. Let’s see what will be the future of this anime series. 

Currently, Netflix hasn’t renewed this anime series for its second season. If the fans will create the pressure then we might see it coming. Until then there is no season 2 of Toradora.

What are the ratings of this show?

The show has received massive popularity from people all around the world. Even after a decade, this series has been a popular way of entertainment for the people. The audience and the critics have rated the show with amazing ratings which you must see here. In this section, we will be going to look at the ratings of this anime series by the critics and the people.

Starting with the IMDb ratings of this show which is 8/10. MyAnimeList, which is known to rate the Japanese anime shows. They have reported providing an 8.2/10 rating to Toradora. has also rated this show with an 8.5/10 rating. 

Coming to the review of the audience, as well as the fans, you’ll be glad to see that your favorite anime series has been rated 4.8 stars out of 5 in this category. 

The people have praised this show and also said that they loved to watch this over and over. The audience was also super sad when they heard that the series has not been renewed for season 2. Well, now there are possibilities for this to happen. 

Final Words

Toradora is a Japanese anime series that was first created in 2008. The story of this anime series is based on the manga which shares the same name. Over the years, the show has gained quite a popularity but there aren’t many updates from the officials. The show’s admirers of this anime series have been wondering about season 2. Now, the show is available on Netflix and people are getting the sign that maybe it will get renewed for its season 2. 

I don’t know how much time this renewal process is going to take. Till then, Read more articles from our website

  1. Summer says

    They should really make another season to toradora. I really enjoyed the show I thought it was really cute. So in my opinion they should make another season to toradora.

  2. Person says

    Don’t toy with me. This is literally just speculation that it could happen simply because Netflix has a hold of it now. This isn’t news of any kind . . . it’s wishful thinking at it’s worst. If they do continue the series, they’ll have to do so without any more source material to base the second season on.

    I do, however, desperately hope this happens, and I implore fans to pressure Netflix hard enough that they see dollar signs.

  3. Anonymous says

    I want a second season so frickin bad. It was such a great show I hope they’re atleast considering it.. I would be so excited if this happened.

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