Top Gun 2 Poster: Tom Cruise’s New Plane and Confirmed Trailer

Top Gun 2: Maverick

The poster of Top Gun 2 shows that the trailer drops today. Tom gets a new plane in the latest poster for Top Gun: Maverick, with a new trailer set to drop tomorrow. The original Top Gun was undoubtedly a huge hit for Cruise in 1986, grossing $ 356 million and raising the actor to higher levels of stardom than ever before. Cruise has been a constant A-list star for decades, and recently enjoyed one of her biggest hits with Mission: Impossible-Fallout.


Cruise is set to return as iconic character Maverick for director Joseph Kosinski’s Top Gun sequel. This time, Maverick is an old but possibly very savvy Navy pilot instructor, putting new shots of the younger generation through his paces. The latest class of potential fighter pilot Aces includes Bradley Bradshaw, son of Maverick’s late sailor Goose, played by Miles Taylor.

Top Gun 2


The cast includes John Hamm, Ed Harris, Jennifer Conley, and Glen Powell as well as Wallicker in Morrick’s Old Flying and Beach Volleyball. Not returning for the sequel is Kelly McGillis, who originally played Maverick’s love interest, Charlie.

The first trailer for Top Gun: Maverick returned to Comic-Con in July (revealing that the sequel would feature beach football instead of beach volleyball), and now Cruise’s own Twitter account recently released the latest poster of the Top Gun sequel Done, which sees its release. As a prop plane of the WW2 era, skyrocketing a pair of modern fighter jets. The inclination of the Cruise on the older aircraft also points to the fact that it is an older Maverick that has probably been out for some time, although the aircraft is a tilt. It will be from the very early generation.

It is seen what Top Gun: Maverick has for Cruise & Co. fans when it hits theatres, but tomorrow’s trailer will reveal some more information about the story, as well as Taylor’s Brad Bradshaw new Some characters will also be included. There is no doubt that Cruise has worked as a movie star in the three decades since his first smash, but it is yet to be seen that Entertainment’s top gun brands, which include testosterone and pro-military Are, but will still be used by 2020.