5 Top Android Mobile Phone Cleaner App To Clean And Optimize

5 Top Android Mobile Phone Cleaner App To Clean And Optimize

Do you want to know about the 5 Best Phone Cleaner Apps? Well, knowing about the best apps enhances the knowledge and it even gives a feeling of trying new things. And in such cases, where we are on a quest to discover the apps that can amplify the performance of our Android phones, no one should miss the opportunity of skipping the reading of such an informative piece!

It is a universal fact that- No matter what the storage capacity of your Android device is 32GB, 64GB, or 256GB it will be full one day soon. You can either buy a new phone or delete the memories you collected on your last holiday. But, don’t you find the thought painful that you may need to delete the memories you made? It surely does! Don’t be sad because you can do something that would not hurt you at all.

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If you are wondering what… then it is to know about the apps that can delete useless data off your phone. Yes, some apps can help create storage on your stuffed phone. To know more, our experts from a JatApp company prepared the lists of 5 top mobile cleaner apps:

Advanced Phone Cleaner

This is no doubts, the best Phone Cleaner app for Android. This app has been offered by Bit Guardian Gmbh and it has covered a lot of appraisals in such a short time. It functions well and is a great cleaner. With this phone cleaner download, you can expect junk of every kind(cache, temp files, residual files, APKs, etc.) out from your android device. A device clean of all the junk is a way to operate the phone at high speed and it also expands the storage space. The number of services you get in this app is many!

Features in the Limelight

  • Strong Android antivirus to give protection against viruses and other such intruders.
  • Social Cleaner to clean social junk files.
  • Notification Manager to tame all the stray notifications.

All-In-One Toolbox

Finding hidden junk and cache files was never possible until All-In-One Toolbox came up in the market of the Phone Cleaner app for Android. The app works just by its name that says all in one! The cleaner app indeed is a single entity you can successfully bid upon. It includes several impressive features that can be implemented by Android users to extract out the best performance of their Android devices. This phone cleaner supports some different languages which seems to be a positive point.

Features in the Limelight

  • Mobile Ads Detector to detect mobile ads.
  • Photo Compression to change the size of the photos.
  • App2SD to move apps from internal storage to the Micro SD card.


CCleaner is one of the most renowned cleaner apps. It was available only for PC earlier but the company(Piriform) then released a version for the Android devices as well. With this phone cleaner download, you can reclaim the storage space by removing obsolete files, residual files, unwanted applications, and more. With this app, you can get to know which app is consuming what amount of your mobile data, or which apps are draining the battery of your Android device.

Features in the Limelight

  • Know the complete impact of individual apps on your device with the App Stats feature.
  • App Hibernation to control the functioning of the apps so that they do not run in the background.
  • Task Killer(RAM Booster) to quickly halt the running tasks.

360 Security

The popularity of this Phone Cleaner app for Android needs no introduction. This is one of those apps that has been loved by many users globally. 360 Security is the power cleaner for your Android phone that is filled with filth. Apart from the cleaning, this app performs other functions as well which include keeping your Android phone out of reach of viruses, trojan, phishing vulnerabilities, and more. The availability of this app in a countable number of different languages makes it one of the best phone cleaners to download on your Android device.

Features in the Limelight

  • Intruder Selfie to catch the culprit by clicking its selfie if they try to breach your mobile apps.
  • Multi-function Lock Screen offers a lot of functions from a single place.
  • Real-time Protection to monitor everything including the latest downloads.

Norton Clean

When it comes to security, the one brand that has earned its name is Symantec. Being a subset of this company, definitely, all good can be expected from Norton Clean. Get a completely clean device with this Phone Cleaner app for Android. This Android app is a very useful entity for cleaning, boosting, and protecting the device. By cleaning the junk, the phone can be accelerated visibly. And this is why the app works well in deeply cleaning the device.

Features in the Limelight

  • App Manager to uninstall bloatware and other useless apps.
  • Memory Optimizer to regain considerable storage space.
  • Cache Cleaner to remove the residual cache.