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Top 5 Best Films About Student Communication

Communication among students is critical for their overall success and growth as they become young adults. Once a student graduates from college, they enter a life where they will be required to communicate with co-workers, clients, and management staff. Providing effective communication skills from a young age helps to make the student’s ability to communicate in these adulthood situations easier.

There are several ideas when it comes to promoting enhanced communication among students. Students may be asked to write essays. In this case, a selection of https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/communication/ can be used to help the student realize what is expected of them. There are, on the other hand, also a wide range of films that have been found to promote productivity and communication in a classroom.

Top Films About Student Communication

While there are many problems that a teacher can face when it comes to their students, reports suggest that a lack of support and teamwork among individuals in the class remains a struggling issue. There are many uses for films in the classroom. While some may consider it a distraction, the right movie can actually make a positive impact on the students.

We take a closer look at five of the top films about students that teachers should consider displaying in the classroom.

1. The Ron Clark Story

Teachers looking to showcase a film that is inspiring, while also having a big focus on just how important communication is, should consider The Ron Clark Story. The movie was released in 2006. It revolves around a teacher who moves to New York City. Here, he takes on the role of a teacher at one of the public schools. During the film, special rules are used by the teacher in order to change the lives of those who have been assigned to his class. The story also centers around a young student who is responsible for raising three siblings. The film shows how communication, inspiration, and teamwork can help change her life and allow her to become one of the top students.

2. Stand And Deliver

Released in 1988, this is one of the older movies – but still, a great option when looking to show a film to a group of students. The film focuses on a teacher that has a tough job. Several students are from low socioeconomic situations and are at risk of dropping out.

As the film progresses, the teacher starts to help these students obtain the skills they need to stay in school. One thing that makes this a great film is the fact that it is based on a real-life story – making it a much more inspiring story by knowing the events are based on things that actually happened.

3. School of Rock

This is definitely not one of the first films that come to mind but do deserve a spot on this list. School of Rock was released back in 2003. It is a great option to show students in university, college, or even high school. The movie is in the comedy genre and is sure to give students a good laugh – but it has a deeper meaning too.

The movie tells the story of a musician who becomes a teacher. He was once a famed heavy metal artist but now finds himself in a teaching position. During his story, students learn about teamwork and how important communication is in order to succeed with any kind of project.

4. Freedom Writers

A bit more modern than other suggestions, Freedom Writers was released in the year 2007. This particular film holds a lot of meaning, particularly due to the fact that it is based on a real story. The movie shows students how a young teacher was able to turn an entire class around. The teacher is in charge of an at-risk class. She then uses the opportunity to help these students learn about tolerance and how they can pursue further education. The story is inspiring and sure to drive a class of students to strive for more throughout their educational period.

5. Mr. Holland’s Opus

The perfect option when looking at the drama genre. Mr. Holland’s Opus was released in 1995. The story is inspiring, focusing on a composer who ends up taking a job as a music teacher. Throughout the journey, the teacher starts to love doing what he has to do at school – teach kids about music. The movie has a lot of deep emotions and can be a great addition to different classes.


Communication is one particular subject that teachers sometimes struggle with. Students need to effectively communicate not only with the teacher but also with other classmates. One tip is to showcase the top films that are related to communication. Films about students help those in the classroom relate to the visuals and can assist with motivation as well.



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