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Top 3 Services To Merge PDF

Isn’t it a hassle to receive partial documents from one person to the other? This happens especially if an employee is part of a team where other members have to submit different files individually. Merging pdf is not as easy as sorting and arranging physical paper documents. With the help of technology, users can even merge pdf for free with the help of the internet!

Online pdf tools are widely available on the internet but not all are created the same. Some may have a very complicated user interface or takes too much time to process. If you are looking for the perfect pdf editing service, here are the top 3 services to merge pdf online, that safe, secure, and do not require payment!

1. CombinePDF

This online PDF merging service is for free and very easy to use. Click the ‘Upload Files’ button and users can now choose the pdf documents to be combined into one file. The files can be arranged to the desired sequence by dragging them. Just click the ‘Combine Button’ and the download should start after a few seconds. The free service can support up to 20 pdf files and images to be merged. Coming from the name, the site has a few pdf functions unlike other websites providing pdf online tools. Also, the page is supported by ads to give users a free and useful online service.

2. 2PDF

This is one of the best online PDF tools that can be seen online. The basic services are for free and do not impose many limits on usage. This site is perfect for working as a team or for students who would prefer to organize their digital documents.

Merge pdf for free using by clicking the ‘Merge PDF’ option from the pdf tools list. The next page will ask the user to drag and drop the file on the large space or choose a file from the device’s storage. Users can select multiple files by pressing and hold the ‘shift’ button if using a desktop PC or a laptop. There is also an option to delete a pdf file that should not be included or rearrange the pages prior to merging. Just tap on the ‘Merge PDF’ button and it should be done after a few seconds!

3. IlovePDF

An online pdf tools resource provider based in Spain, IlovePDF can merge pdf for free. It is one of the popular pdf editing and modifying services online. They have a very easy user interface, including the Merge PDF function. Upon entering the website, click the ‘Merge PDF’ link and you will be directed to another page. The will be a button to select or drag PDF files, including the use of cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Once uploaded, thumbnails will appear on the page and there will be an option to rotate pages. However, a single-line ad can be seen and users may accidentally click on them because of the ad placement on the page.



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