Top 10 Best Angelina Jolie Movies To Watch In 2022

Best Angelina Jolie movies

Without any doubt, Angelina Jolie is one of the greatest actresses of her era. The 44 years old actress has been in the movie industry for such a long time and fans have been dying to learn more about her movies. Angelina has such an amazing history with the movies and the actress has already been loved by the love. Her recent presence in “Eternals” just added more fame and popularity to the actress’s future. Not to forget that the movie has played an important role in the up bring of the Marvel Cinematic future. 

The MCU movie has just been released this month and the film has already hit the milestone. Even the official trailer of the movie has been hit with a combinedly 70 Million views. When MCU released the Eternals, it added some other cinematic representations and one already feels how the other movies were less in comparison to it. 


The presence of Angelina in the movie was already enough for the fans to watch it and after it was based on Marvel’s comic character, it further grew the attention of the people. With the massive success of the movie, We’ll be listing the top 10 movies of the actress and bringing out the best for you. As the actress has such a great career and all of her movies have been blockbuster hits. it would be hard to pick from those. But since we have decided to list down the Top Ten, we will wholeheartedly perform the task. 

While we want to add all of her movies to the list, we are bound with the Top 10 category only. The actor and sometimes the director of the mega films have a massive career which we are going to report in this article. Read this article till the end to find out the list of the movie. Also, check out what’s the Top 10 in the category. 

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Best Angelina Jolie movies

Released in 2001, Lara Croft was not one of the great Angeline Jolie’s movies but it was surely the greatest video game movie at the time of its release. After the release of the movie, both the critics and the audience raised the topic and appreciated the movie. The show became one of the unique movies of the time and it urged the creators to relate the possible sequel in 2018. 

When the movie was released, Angelina Jolie was one of the most ambitious actresses at that time. On the other hand, there was nothing for the actress to worry about. 

Angelina played the role of the main lead named, Lara Croft. Her acting skills really made the movie look similar to the video game. 

What makes the movie different is the lead role. Although there were already many movies that followed the women as the main lead, this movie attracted the viewers and got a lot of positive responses. One can clearly think of the time of the 2000s because, at that time, the audience was mainly surrounded by the main dominant movies. However, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider clearly cut everything off and turned out amazing. 

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Playing By Heart

Best Angelina Jolie movies

Love is a never-ending game where humans have to play along with love, feelings, and friendship. As all these things are so tender, we came along with 11 humans who played along with this. Released in 1998 and starring Angelina Jolie as the main protagonist, Playing by heart is one of the kinds of movies which will make you love it. The movie follows drama and romance and along with that, there is comedy in every aspect of the story.

The movie is one of the 90s movies that would give the insight of today’s people about the actress used to be. Glamorous and entertaining, this movie is everything that would entertain everyone. 

Many people would argue with the movie as it was not that popular in the times but here we are talking about the career of the actress. As Angelina Jolie has portrayed the main lead, we know that there won’t be anything that would doubt that.


Nowadays, we are more concerned about the values and visuals of the movie than anything else, but when the Hackers was released, the world was put into some other dimension. No doubt that movie was absolutely great and it can be understood through the fact that the audience still appreciates the movie.

At that time, the Internet was the peak interest of the people. Being newly developed, the audience was concerned and wanted to learn about it. Hackers, just like its name, follow the life of the bunch of high school kids who get into hacking. Through the movie, Angelina Jolie follows the character of a short-haired girl who is one among those people. 

Though the movie didn’t come as such a massive success, it surely gave the idea of the time and how things were really back in those days. An early idea of how people used to watch the internet and its safety. Also, the movie still has a lot of loyal fanbases who look after this movie. 

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The movie was released in 2007 and cast Angelina Jolie as the lead role. The movie would be described as an Adventurous fighting movie that has some great action scenes. One could clearly see why the film was so popular at that time because it has everything that the viewers will love. Well, it’s true that anyone who will watch the movie today won’t get impressed with everything it has but there was no doubt about its serenity and popularity. 

The movie is a type of movie that looks quite frightening. However, the audience regards this as a complete taboo for the sensitive people but surely have some of the scenes which must be looked after. The movie shed the horrifying scenes soon after 2 minutes of watch. If you have watched this one in your early days then you will know how much the viewers used to be terrified of it. Personally, watching Beowulf was the bravest thing for us as a kid. 

Based on the old epic poem that shares the same title, this movie gives an insight into how things can be turned out. Angelina Jolie was cast as a monster’s mother but to be honest. She was too attractive to be that.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The story of the creators falling in love on the set looks quite dreamy, doesn’t it? Well, this would be like the fantasy story of a fairy tale story to most of us, but not for Angelina and Brad Pitt. Anyone would know this movie as the point where these two started to date each other. I Could clearly say that they both were young and dumb in love. Though both of these actors were sensational of the time.

Released in 2005,  Doug Liman directed this movie which didn’t get that much appreciation. But what kept the viewers hooked with the story and made it a blockbuster hit is the performance of the cast, especially Angelina Jolie. Both the critics and the audience loved the action scene offered by the actress. 

Moreover, the story of Mr. and Mrs. Smith follows the husband and wife duo where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a duo. Regardless of this, they were actually an assassin who works for the undercover company. Both of them get a lot of praise and while Brad Pitt was great in the movie, Angelina Jolie takes up all the credits and shines like a star.


Best Angelina Jolie movies

Disney has offered amazing variants of movies for a few decades and Maleficent is one of them. As many of us have already wished to watch all the Disney movies in our childhood but even today, we never get enough of them.

Well! Disney has always tried to stick to the exact story and just add their animation and cute things to it, Isn’t this what the classic Disney is known for? We all have heard of Cinderella and Little Mermaid and most of those fairy-tale movies. As these all movies have the same story just like the comics and Disney have just added the animation to it, Maleficent stands out among those. 

This time Angelina has come forwards as a wicked monster and the viewers have come to see the different kinds of her personality and actions. maleficent get the blockbuster hit and while the kids get scared of Angelina Jolie’s character on the movie, we all know how her little daughter played such a great role and the viewers were like “Uwuu”

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A Mighty Heart

Best Angelina Jolie movies

When the movie was officially announced, it started to become a controversy itself. Being a white woman, the viewers claimed that it is not right to cast a white woman into the role of mixed-race because that would be an insult for those people. As these allegations were on the board and the audience was raising such an issue, we don’t need to forget that the movie turned out amazing.

This movie is like a documentary film, featuring the life of  Mariane Pearl. Angelina was playing the role of  Mariane Pearl, who is one of the sensational people at that time and have been demanding the safest release of her husband through the peaceful campaign.

Mariane Pearl’s husband was a US reporter have kidnapped by the terrorist in 2002. The woman himself revealed in an interview that it was her who had argued and urged the producer to let Angelina play her role. As she was such a great fan of hers, it was pretty obvious for her to ask the actress for it.

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Kung Fu Panda

Best Angelina Jolie movies

Just like Maleficent, Kung Fu Panda was one of the movies that would be written in the greatest career of the actress. One could clearly argue that the animated movie can’t really bring out the casting of the actress, but we are talking about the Top 10 movies of Angelina Jolie. When Kung Fu Panda was officially released, it broke the record. Personally, the movie is one of my favorite animation movies because, besides moral values, the movie has some of the great comedy scenes which are lacking in most Hollywood animation films. 

Everyone knows Angelina Jolies through her voice as one of the main leads, Tigress. If you asked those little kids about Angelina Jolie, they would cherish the actress and know about it. Isn’t this such a big achievement? Well! It is. Getting known is one of the most generous and achievable things for the artist to this date. Any amount of awards won’t give this much happiness is known all over the world for a good cause. 


Best Angelina Jolie movies

The first spot falls for Gia. I know you expected this movie to be on the top of the list and wasn’t it very obvious in the first place? Fans have loved her in this movie, I mean just loved her. The actress is regarded as one of the sexiest women in the world and this movie is the complete definition of Why? The movie brings out the charismatic and sexiest thing of Angelina Jolie and as a woman, I am so fascinated with this great lady. 

Personally, I loved her shot. She has devoted the movie in her complete and artistic manner. It was the time of the 90s and the movie premiered on HBO. At that time, HBO was not regarded as the great channel it is considered now. Gia was a completely life-changing movie for Angelina and through her character, she has set the image of the amazing women on the Holywood. It was this time when the audience started to know the women.