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Toofan: Love Jihaad Controversy| Confirmed Release Date And More

The popular Bollywood actor has just shared the official trailer of his upcoming movie, Toofan. One of the most anticipated movies is finally releasing this year and the first look of this movie is out. Farhan Akhtar, who is a well-known actor and has amazingly played many epic roles in movies. Toofan is again a sports movie by Farhan Akhtar and he has already worked in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag amazingly. 

On Wednesday, Farhan Akhtar has updated his Instagram post by saying,

“The storm has arrived, are you ready? #ToofaanTrailer out now. Releases worldwide on 16th July on @primevideoin #ToofaanOnPrime,”

The audience and his fans have reacted positively to the first look of the movie. I have seen numerous comments that are excited about this sports movie. With the deadline of the movie coming soon, the audience is finding it hard to stay calm. 

The constant demand regarding the updates of toofan movie is getting high as the release date is coming closer. Don’t worry because you are going to find everything within this article. Here is everything that you should know about the upcoming sports movie of Farhan Akhtar in detail.

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Farhan Khan Released Poster on his Instagram Account

A week ago, Farhan Khan posted about Toofan on his Instagram post. The post not only contains some details about his upcoming movie but also the poster. 

The post was captioned as, “Life can’t break you when love holds you together. Trailer out on 30th June. #ToofaanOnPrime

In the photo, Frahan was seen holding Mrunal Thakur and there is another picture of Farhan along with an opponent in a boxing match. With a fierce look on Farhan’s face and of course the blood dripping down from his head is initially something that I would check out. 

Farhan is playing the role of the main character of the movie who is a boxer and Mrunal is also featured as her lover in the show. 

Many celebrities have redacted this poster including Hrithik Roshan, Shibani Dandekar, Zoya Akhtar, and Mrunal Thakur. 


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Toofan – What is it About?


The movie is based on the Muslim character, Aziz Ali who is a local goon and often fights among the local people. His behavior is well appreciated by his father (played by Vijay Raaz) in the movie. While fighting, he gets bruises all over his face and then decides to go to a nurse (played by Mrunal Thakur). The nurse later started to motivate Aziz for his passion which is boxing. 

Through his girlfriend’s motivation and his own passion for boxing, he joins a boxing academy. The coach of the academy (played by Parvesh Rawal) scolds him and tells him that there is a wide gap between fighting and boxing.

He later works hard and his day-night training makes the coach realize his potential. The movie started to move forward and you will see Aziz getting major achievements in life. 

Now, after some time, he leaves boxing due to some personal issue which we will know as soon as the movie is released. He becomes a man with a big tummy and does not even look close enough to who he used to be. 

His girlfriend, who is now her wife again motivates him to choose his love, boxing. He again started his life back and worked hard. 

Toofan movie

Through all this, I can clearly say that the movie matches a mixture of Sultan and Hollywood Rocky’s. The writers haven’t done many changes and just follow the old norm of movies. The cinematography of the movie looks quite similar to the Gully boy because the person behind the camera is the same. Many scenes of the movie match with Sultan and the audience were quick to respond to it. 

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Toofan has released an official trailer 

A week ago, Toofan came again with an official trailer on youtube, the movie is announced to be released on amazon prime Video on 16th July. After the second Official trailer’s video came out, the movie started to gain backlash for multiple reasons. I have made a different section for the Controversies of this movie below. But before that, watch this amazing new trailer of Toofan and comment down your reaction and thoughts for it. 

Toofan – All the Controversy for the Movie

After the movie released the trailer, many people started to react quickly about all the things that the movie is lagging behind. Toofan movie portrays a fictional story on a fictional character that matches completely with Sultan’s story. 

Toofan has also attracted much backlash after its theme of Hindu-Muslim theme. As the Hindu-Muslim topic is already a major issue in the India and after the movie follows the same Love-Jihaad theme, it makes the people react. 

toofan movie

The audience started to point out that why always a show maker shows a Hindu girl marrying into a Muslim family. These topics are very widely agreed by many Indian Hindu and it created the #boycottoffan trending on Twitter. 

On the other hand, this theme makes the views of the movie increase to double. When the first trailer of Toofan was released, it gained 24 million views. Whereas the second official trailer which was released only a week ago almost crossed 41 Million views. 

Moreover, the movie hasn’t been released yet but more than a thousand people have taken google to rate the movie in the audience rating summary.  The audience rating summary of Toofan is just 1.8 out of 5 stars and it is not even released. 

Many people criticized and even hated comments on the video and the ratings that are so not right. 

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My Opinion:

Toofan controversy

Seeing all these things can really turn the movie into a downfall. I can see who much the cast and workers have worked for the movie. Well, this is what happened during the time of Deepika Padukone’s Padmavati movie. 

At that time too, the people have said that the movie is giving the wrong information about the queen and portraying the wrong image of Hindu mythology. The movie wasn’t even released before the people predicted all these things. Ultimately, it was seen that there is nothing shown in the homie. The term cast and Hindu-Muslim is already a well-provoking thing. We, as a public, need to understand that movies are just a means of entertainment. Getting offended over such things isn’t absolutely right about us and our mentality. 

On the other hand, the audience has full rights to trend whichever hashtags they want to trend because it’s their choice. But at least wait for the movie to release. 

Comment down your thoughts about this upcoming movie, Toofan, and let us know what your view is? Are you going to watch this movie or not? Share this article among your friends and let them know about this movie in detail.



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