There have been so many rumors that Tom Holland the Spider-man might return to the upcoming sequel to Venom. Venom part two is being directed by Andy Serkis and the movie once again stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and it will feature Woody Harelson in the role of Carnage.

Then there is a bonus of Tom Holland returning to his web-slinging roots to battle Venom is very, and more exciting to say the very least but not without any conflict and the confusion.


All the hubbub between the Sony and the Marvel earlier this year became pretty nasty of a minute or two.

As of now both sides or both the studios are playing very nice with an agreement that allows Sony its own respective Spidey universe. Those things include venom of course and also the upcoming Mobious standalone.

So it is yet to be seen what capacity the spider-man will return in the Cameo? Or he will do some bigger role in the movie. But for the fans to be honest any capacity is very exciting for us.

The major issue with the whole thing is how different the tone is in the first Venom movie. It is a very weird tone to have Tom Holland and Spider-Man included in.

But whatever it is we know that if Tom Holland comes or has a small part also to play in the Venom movie second part then we know that he will rock his part with his great acting skills and his action too, how can we forget that.

It is not only him Tom Holland is also a very good actor his first part of venom is also very good and got many good remarks so we know they will do the best.