Tom Cruise Too Old For Action Movies


Tom Cruise has been the most iconic actor in the history of Hollywood. His iconic movie series Mission Impossible has made its place in everybody’s hearts. Apart from this, he acted in other movies as well. However, what fans may not agree with is that he would never be to play Ethan Hunt again. This iconic character has holes in the viewer’s heart is an immense one.

However, the author of Jake Reacher does not agree with the audience. hi, he says that Tom Cruise is too old to act in action movies. Cruise is known for his stunts often pushing the limits. From scaling Dubai Burj Khalifa to driving a motorcycle through traffic Tom cruise is always given his best when it comes to stunts.

Tom Cruise

Many wonder about how long can cruise full all of these stunts since the mission impossible series box office head and also considered as a cult classic. Many speculate the seventh and eighth installations in the series are in progress. As the number of installations increases, Tom cruise keeps pushing his boundaries in terms of the stunts as it gets bigger and better. His 8th installation Top Gun: Maverick releases next year bringing Cruise back to the iconic role he played when he was 24.

Jack Reacher’s author Lee Child had something to say about Cruise’s youth. In an interview with the Sunday Times, the author spoke on this topic. Tom Cruise was are reluctant on playing Jack Reacher 2nd phone Jack Reacher never return. hidden decided to turn this movie series into a television series instead. The child also said that Tom cruise should “move on” from the role of Ethan hunt and “he is too old for this stuff”.

The loss of this character might be a good thing according to sources. However, fans do need to realize that Tom Cruise might have to leave this action behind and move on. One could argue that if still making movies in his sixties, Tom Cruise should be allowed to make action movies as well. Apart from an action-packed movie, Tom cruise focuses more on dramatic roles or just keep going on.