To All the Boys 2 Trailer: Lara Jean Meets John Ambrose (Again)


The trailer for “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You ” is here. Netflix gave All-Boys Loved Before, high school Lara Jean Song (Lana Condor) a surprise hit in 2018 about Jenny Han’s rom-com novel and her misgivings in love. The film went on to become one of Netflix’s most-watched (and reviewed) original films, in addition to earning high praise for its cast performances (specifically, Condor and his Coker Noah Santino). Naturally, Netflix finds Han’s follow-up book, P.S. I still love you, after that.

To All the Boys 2

All Boys 2 is where his predecessor left off, now an actual duet with Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky (Santino) instead of “Fake”. However, whenever Lara struggles to meet the challenges of being in a real relationship, life unexpectedly marks her as John Ambrose McFarlane, her former crush who finds Lara Jean’s old letter He re-enters his life after reading. The John Ambrose character was introduced in the mid-credits scene of Too All Boy (where he was played by Jordan Bertha), but he played the official PS by Jordan Fisher. I Still Love You trailer (and the film itself, of course).


Unfortunately, Trailer 2 for To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You focuses more on the love and adorable scenes of Lara Jean and Peter, and will reduce viewers’ chances of throwing some heads at the upcoming love triangle (instead some previews are likely to come Waits for). The sequel included To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Writers Sophia Alvarez and Jay. It was written by Mills Gudol (Everything, Everything), so it should not feel isolated from its predecessor (if at all) as far as its story and general parents are concerned.

To All the Boys 2

Similarly, two All Boy cinematographer Michael Fimogannari is directing the follow-up (from Susan Johnson), and he is from the film, P.S. I still love you. To All Boys Cast (as Lara’s beloved sisters and father of Ana Ketcher, Janelle Parish, and John Corbett) P.S. In addition to I Love You and Charismatic Up and Comrade Fisher (Mark Cohen in the Rent: Live Musical TV film earlier this year), the sequel has materials that should be as engaging as the first film.

Netflix is convinced that all boys fans will love what they see, has already begun production on Han’s trilogy Finale, Always and Forever, the third film based on Lara Jean. This will be the first time Dreamers have encountered a sequel to one of their most popular special offers, so hopefully, they (and everyone else) will knock it out of the park.