Tiny Pretty Things Season 1 Netflix Release Date & What We Know So Far

Tiny Pretty Things Updates, Netflix is making some interesting and creative shows nowadays and no doubt the content it brings is worth the wait, it not only intrigues their curiosity but makes all the fans binge-watch it. Following that, we have come up with the details of one such ongoing project and it surely seems exciting.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 1 Updates

Netflix is producing a show that will be based on the young adult novel by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. The successful emergence of the novel has convinced the streamers to come up with a series, adapting the storyline of the novel.

It will be amazing to see, how well they are able to put this all this together and justifies the novel to what extent.

The Storyline Of Tiny Pretty Things Season 1

The whole show is going to be revolving around a dancing academy located in Chicago called THE ARCHER SCHOOL OF BALLET, in which the students from diverse backgrounds will unite with their passion for dance.


It will be refreshing to see the mix of different personalities in this one. We also have some information about the casting of the respective series as well.

Though this journey to victory won’t be an easy one like one of these students will have to stake all they have to build their career at the school. Will this be a path smooth to trade on or will it be full of hurdles, is what that we will need to look out for.

Release Date Of The Show

Although Netflix has not given any official confirmation date yet, we can only assume that it will release around this year or in the initial months of the next year.

The cast includes Lauren holly playing the role of Monique in the series. her character will reflect the role where she brings out the best in these students by pushing their limits to the extreme.

kylie Jefferson will be seen in the role of a rebellious girl Neveah, who will prove her talent to sustain herself in the academy.

We all are super excited about this upcoming venture, are you?

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