Thor Will Have a Son in Marvel’s Future [SPOILER]


Since Thor would live practically forever, his first son was about to arrive. But the child’s mother is the biggest fan that is expected. Every Marvel fans knew that Thor hated frosty giants. In the pages of the MCU and his original comic books, the god of thunder is no doubt one of his favorite hobbies to kill frosty giants. But his hatred will not last forever…

While Thor is currently struggling with a brutal transition to the pages of the Avengers, King Thor # 4 informed readers about the future before retiring as King of Thunder. First, open a window in the stories. Forged by author Jason Aaron. One of these stories describes the birth of their first son, who turns out to be only half-Asgardian. The second part? The product of his love affair with Jötunheim’s frost giant. His beloved She-Blizzard saw him as her first son, who would one day sit on the throne of Asgard.

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To say that Thor is in the right state of mind would be less than accurate, as the story suggests that Thor would one day lose his mind and be trapped deep in the frozen forests of Johannine. After the Psychic Frost Giant Assassin attack, Thor will return to a more developed version of himself. Thor will be lost and amnesia by the wild animals of the winter land. This will be the first film of Lord of the Ice Ape, Lord of Thor. But Thor did not lose his mind, he also lost his divine presence.

While the Jotun king’s soldiers did not stop searching for Thor like a monkey, the weirdest story that happened to him. The Secret Story is a horror story between Thor Ep-God and the fierce She-Blizzard of Jotunheim. This story would create Thor’s first son: the giant thunderbolt.

Loki, Thor’s cool giant adopted brother, would be proud that one day a frosty giant would appear on Asghar’s throne – or he would try to kill Thor’s son because, well, he’s Loki. King Thor may have the final issue of Aaron’s race, but he laid the foundation for the character for years to come. He settled Thor’s place in the Marvel universe and ensured that there would always be more stories to tell.


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