Thor: Love And Thunder Confirmed Release Date| Chris Hemsworth Tease Fans In IG.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel comics books are surely one of the best in its time but now the company is focusing more on their Marvel cinematic Universe. For the past 2 decades, the company is showing its obsession with its superheroes and changing all the superheroes and villains into a movie. Marvel fans can finally get revealed to hear that one of their famous superheroes is getting back with his own movies. Thor: Love And Thunder are finally confirmed by the creators and fans couldn’t think more to finally see Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as Thor. 

Marvel is already making tons of superhero movies and so far we have seen every famous superhero getting three movie parts. But things changed for Thor in the MCU because Thor: Love And Thunder would be his fourth part of the individual series. 

Moreover, the production of the movie has started already and fans have been dying to learn about the updates of the movie. Chris Hemsworth is already ready to make his great reprise for the sequel movie and his iconic muscular body is already under training.

If you have watched the epic war of Avenger: Endgame then you would have known how Thor has changed into “Fat Thor”. The actors have already confirmed some training routines and have already shared some photos. Recent updates have confirmed a lot of things lately and fans have been waiting to dye to listen to all these things

Marvel Entertainment has revealed things that we will discuss in this article. Keep reading the article to find out what’s the future of this series.

Thor: Love And Thunder- Know About it!

Thor: Love And Thunder is the upcoming Superhero movie that follows the Marvel comic character Thor that shares the same name. Thor: Love And Thunder is the fourth installment of the Thor series which follows Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok. 

The first part of the movie was already announced in 2011 and released with a bang. Being the first part of the Marvel comic series, it received a positive response from the audience. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, who by then already became famous for his amazing performance in the Marvel series. 

Another Marvel Series, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is confirmed for its sequel. After we lost our legendary hero Chadwick we all knew that the series would be tough for everyone. It was until now that Marvel entertainment revealed the renewal of the series as the tribute at Chadwick. It would mean a lot to all the marvel fans to watch the movie but somewhere we all miss our hero. 

Thor: Love And Thunder: Story Till Now!

Thor: Love and thunder updates

The superhero made his first debut in his first individual series that was released 10 years back now. After the show finished, we saw another movie The Avengers that was a major hit and one of the blockbusters for MCU. 

Moreover, the movie received great appreciation and we saw all the superheroes united for the first time. After that movie finished, Marvel came up with another Thor’s series because by that time the superhero has already become popular among the people. Thor: the Dark work was released with the same thought but it failed to make the audience satisfied.

The second part of the movie series received a lot of criticism and mixed reviews. The movie became one of the lowest-rated movie series of Marvel Cinematic universe. Still, the movie is considered one of the worst movies of the franchise. 

All these things were just a matter of time because Marvel was compiling with Avengers: Age of Ultron. Thor returned back as the powerful character in the movie and now the fans were crazy over how this super young guy can be able to have such great powers. 

After the movie, we were again blessed with the Civil War but fans were disappointed to not be able to see Thor around. But they didn’t know that all these things are just making us wait for Thor: Ragnarok. 

Thor: Ragnarok was the third sequel of the superhero and it was responsible for making an amazing turn for the future of the series. With an amazing storyline and super thoughtful plot, everyone loved the superhero. 

We came to know that Thor is not just like a normal superhero but has a personality that includes his amazing jokes and sense of humor. What makes Marvel movies different from the rest of superheroes is the attachment between the superheroes and fans.

Thor: Love And Thunder Confirmed Release Date

Thor: Love and thunder

Thor appeared in Avenger: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame and both the movies have seen a hike in popularity. Chris Hemsworth’s amazing performance as Thor is just over the top and fans couldn’t think how the normal superhero has turned into an amazing personality. 

The last movie of Thor, Thor: Ragnarok was already a thumbs up from the people and we know that among the other superheroes, Thor was the only main one who saw the compatibility to regain his all the powers. 

Thor: Ragnarok was released in 2017 and it’s been 4 years since we saw the superhero be back in his individual movie. Now, the officials have already confirmed the movie, I think that the days are not far when you can actually watch it.

Thor: Love and Thunder is officially confirmed to release on 6 May 2022. As a fan, you can now wait for the movie to finally release. According to the officials, this movie is going to be part of Marvel phase 4 and we already know that there are tons of other projects waiting for MCU. 

Recently, MCU released Shang-Chi in the Cinemas, and the movie, by surprise, got an amazing response from the audience. You wouldn’t believe the fact that Shang-Chi was among the first movies that were supposed to be an individual films. It took the creators 20 years to actually make the movie and release it. As the movie is finally here, you can absolutely watch it at your nearby theatre. 

Thor: Love And Thunder Plot – What is it about?

Thor: Love and thunder movie

Thor failed to kill Thanos in the Avengers: Endgame and this has impacted his Mental health in a lot of ways. Also, the loss of his dear friend Iron man along with Black Widow and his brother Loki has already been a major turnover for his life. 

Angry and worried about all these things, he returned back to Asgard. The loss of everything has impacted the mental health of him and he has undergone depression. Depression has caught him in his health and now he only eats, sleeps, and drinks alcohol for his pleasure. 

An excessive amount of Laziness has affected the body of Thor and he isn’t the same anyway. 

Thor is now “Fat Thor ” and this thing has impacted the show and the story amazingly. While there are several fans that criticized MCU for body shaming people and taking Depression and PTSD as a joke. 

Some other fans loved the change in the plot because it was making them entertained throughout the series. Now the fourth installment of the series has witnessed the spoilers already Chris Hemsworth has already been teasing the fans with his perfect body and all his aft have now disappeared. These transformations are enough to predict the future of the Thor: Love and Thunder storyline. 

 Thor: Love and Thunder would show how Thor has again made a transformation of his body and now he is no longer “Fat Thor”. He fights by having an obsession for his original body and all these things have made him work hard for his goal.

His recent Instagram video shows the fans how he is dedicated to his role as Thor and we know that our superhero is ready with his hammer. 


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Final Words

Thor: Love and Thunder is officially announced and the fans have already been updated with the confirmed release date. Chris Hemsworth will be reprising his role as a powerful thor and his new upcoming movie has got everyone’s eyes. The actor has already teased his fans for Thor: Love and Thunder and we are loving the little peak of it. The extreme changes in the body of Thor will make a great impact on the story with all these latest updates, the need to watch the fourth installment grow more and more. As the superhero has already maintained his body and he is no longer depressed, I think something big is coming up.