Thor: Love And Thunder- The Upcoming Sequel With A New Storyline And Twist.

Are you ready for the new Thor: Love and Thunder. Here we will take a look at all the about Love and Thunder Cast, about the plot and story of the season along with the release date and the latest trailer by Marvel.

We are here to share the movie’s story plot, release date along with the latest trailer. According to news and rumours, we also have some news out here which we have thought to cover it up in this write-up only.

Endgame Chris Hemsworth Marvel contract finishes up, but yet it did not make Marvel, as they now announced their fourth Thor movie. We will also see the news about the series, Ragnarok, we are back with the latest news.

Taika Waititi, The Ragnarok director, is back with the fourth sequel in a row and the film have made a surprise announcement, the recent news pin-points to the upcoming event. According to rumours, Love and Thunder will be going to release on Nov 5 2021.

It’s not confirmed whether the movie will release earlier on the UK, but according to news, the film is almost confirmed to set it’s first release in UK. For this sequel, Natalie Portman is supposed to make a special entry in the film, and will be returning as Jane Foster.

About the cast we know only about Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson returns as Thor and Valkyrie in the movie.  Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel Studio, officially confirmed that it would be Valkyrie who will be MCU’s first LGBTQ.

Regarding the upcoming series, actress Natalie Portman made one of the biggest announcements so far at San Diego Comic-Con that Natalie Portman is not only going to reappear for her role as Jane Foster in Love and Thunder but also she is going to become a new, female Thor, interesting isn’t it! She is going to return to her role, a character which she hasn’t represented in a featured role after the Thor: The Dark World in 2013. The film is confirmed to release on 2021. We can expect the first trailer to be out in 2020.

The storyline of the movie is full of emotion-love drama genre.

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