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Thor Director Reveals Some Facts About Chris Hemsworth!

Thor Director Reveals Some Facts About Chris Hemsworth!, Chris Hemsworth is a famous actor who plays the role of Thor. Kenneth Branagh directed the movie Thor and reveals some facts about the audition of the movie Thor. Branagh is an interview that shares his experience of the movie Thor. See how Chris Hemsworth was selected for the movie Thor.

What Kenneth Branagh Said About Chris Hemsworth?

Thor Director Reveals Some Facts About Chris Hemsworth!,

Branagh and the Marvel President Kevin Feige took the audition of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. Tom plays the role of Loki. When Chris and Tom first came to give their interview Branagh confirms that they were not the best choice. Branagh and Feige both took many interviews for the movie and were confused about whom to cast. Chris wasn’t the best one but they decided to give him a chance.

Before the recruitment, Feige and Branagh had a discussion that their decision of casting Chris and Tom will be either be a hit or won’t work. They both had a feeling that if it will work then it would be a super hit. And if it doesn’t work then it will be a bit of disappointment.

But here we are watching Chris Hemsworth playing the role of Thor marvelously. Also, Tom is giving him full support by playing the role of Loki. Both Loki and Thor are the Australian actors.

Thor was a mega success and after that Chris and Tom were signed for the upcoming sequels as well. The next movie of Thor was Thor: The Dark World. The third sequel of the movie was Thor: Ragnarok. Finally, there is an upcoming movie of Thor coming named Thor: Love and Thunder. This movie will be released in 2022.

This was a bit of the back story behind Chris, a marvelous actor, and legendary Thor.



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