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This Mordhau mod will let you whack game players with lutes to form bands

Criterion, a Slovenian independent studio, developed a game called Mordhau, which is a hack and slash video game. The game emphasizes on hand-to-hand combat.

 The players use medieval techniques like redirection, feints, and alternative use of a weapon to fight their battles.

Mordhau was released on 29th April 2019.

Players can modify and customize their character. They can change their armor, weapons, body type, voice, etc. various modifications are available through in-game points.

Mordhau comes with various mods. These are:


 In this mode, 64 players come together in two teams. These players try to capture the territories of the opposing team. This will earn them points. The game goes on until one of them is defeated.


 Again in the mode, 64 players are divided into two teams. One of them is attackers, and the other is defenders. The defenders have an objective to defend. If the attackers win to capture the objective, another objective is assigned to the defenders. The game is set on a timer.

Battle Royale

 Sixty-four players fight against each other individually. The last player standing will be the winner of the game.


 A small team fights computer-generated enemies. With each of the enemies, the difficulty level of the game increases.


 In this mode, all players fight against each other independently. The first player to achieve the required number of kills is the winner of the round.


 This mode is similar to deathmatch, except once the player is dead, they do not respawn. The last team standing wins the match, or the team who wins seven rounds wins.

Team Deathmatch

 This mode is like deathmatch, except there will be two teams who try to kill the other one.

Mordhau has always had lutes. Players play it in the middle of a battle. This brings friends and foes together. Players can play the instrument by whacking their mouse up and down. Players can play whatever tune they want on the lute.

There is a mod called LuteBot. In this mode, the songs are played automatically. In LuteMod, a new version, players can form a band and play the lute together. But this mod is still under development.

Sesh, a Youtuber, cloned his character and recreated songs from RuneScape. He did this in a single-player mode. Players can play the lute with others in local multiplayer as well.

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