This happened for the first time in the country due to rail-bus stop, lockdown and work from home, corona


Coronavirus cases cross 400 in India

Ban on the railway, metro, and international flights


Millions of people are doing work from home

The coronavirus epidemic that started in China is spreading in India after causing havoc in Europe and America. As of Monday, the number of corona virus-positive cases in the country has gone beyond 430. The Government of India and several state governments have taken historic decisions to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The closure of Indian Railways, the lockdown of states has happened for the first time in the history of the country when such decisions have been taken. Learn about some 10 big decisions like this.

1. Indian Railways, counted among the world’s largest rail network, has now stopped. The Indian government has stopped all passenger trains due to the Coronavirus. This decision has been taken so that people do not gather together. Not only trains but all the cities in the country including Delhi-Noida-Lucknow-Mumbai-Bengaluru-Kolkata have metro services, they have also been closed.

2. It is rare in the time of the global market when there is a ban on going from one country to another. In the case of the Coronavirus, they could not grow in the country, due to this the Government of India completely stopped international flights. Earlier this decision was made for the Corona affected countries, but later it was done for everyone. The entry of foreign nationals was also stopped.

3. It has happened many times since independence when the pace of the country has stopped. But this is the first time that the central government has imposed the public curfew first and after that, more than a dozen states have locked down one by one. The biggest challenge of governments is to keep more than 130 crore people in their homes.

4. People were asked to stay in homes in America-Europe, because of the spread of the coronavirus, it was appealed in India too. But it was not easy to reach 130 crore people. A large part of the country is currently imprisoned in their homes, some of their own free will, some for fear of administration, but the purpose of all is that the coronavirus is not spread.

5. Work is still going on in the Supreme Court of the country. But due to the coronavirus, hearing is going on in a few courtrooms. Meanwhile, on Monday, it has been decided that hearing will now be done through video conferencing, in such a case, lawyers will present their side from where they are. This has also happened for the first time in the history of the country.

6. The biggest risk of coronavirus is congestion because there are the highest chances of its spread. In such a situation, the government is also worried about the prisoners in various jails of the country. The coronavirus did not spread in the jail, in which case some prisoners are being considered for release. However, it has not been decided yet but all the officials will discuss and find a solution.

7. Lockdown due to the coronavirus is also affecting the functioning. In such a situation, the employees of private companies have been asked by the government to stay at home. Be it an IT company, media company or any firm in any other field, every company has encouraged its employees to work from home.

8. This is the first time in the country that crores of people are sitting in their homes and dealing with office work. Only employees with the necessary field are going to the office.

9. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country amid the crisis of the Coronavirus and appealed to the people to stay at home on their own. This was called the Janata curfew, which was followed mostly by the countrymen. Apart from this, people were asked to clap in their homes to thank the doctors, policemen, sweepers, media persons working continuously amid the Corona crisis. On Sunday evening, the country saw a wonderful view of it.

10. The country often sees so much peace on the streets and people live in their homes only during festivals or government holidays. But even during that time, the temple-mosque-gurudwara-church opens. But this country has also seen for the first time when most of the big religious places of the country have been closed, in most places the religious places themselves appealed to the people to stay home.