There’s No Fourth Stimulus Check From The Feds, But These States Offer COVID Cash


Don’t expect Congress to provide a fourth pandemic stimulus check. Despite the fact that many Americans, including over 2.95 million petition signers, are pleading for a second payment, lawmakers have moved on to discuss infrastructure and other issues.

A number of states have stepped in to help residents with financial hardships. In fact, the nation’s most populous state is about to issue another round of stimulus checks.


As the financial fallout from the pandemic continues, here is a list of all the states that are currently providing relief money to help people cover household expenses or pay down debt.


California’s second round of stimulus began in late August, when Gov. Gavin Newsom (pictured) told taxpayers to “look out for checks either in your mailbox or directly in your account” in a video message.

The payments are still being distributed in waves, with a new batch set to start on Monday, Nov. 15. It’s unclear how many checks will be sent this time, but the previous group sent out 750,000 checks about two weeks ago.

Californians earning $75,000 or less will receive $500 to $1,100; if you have dependents and did not qualify for a first-round stimulus, check earlier this year, you will receive a larger amount. Those were given to people who made less than $30,000 per year.

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In acknowledgement of the unique challenges teachers have faced while navigating the pandemic, Florida has been awarding $1,000 checks to its educators.

The Sunshine State is also awarding up to $1,000 to first responders, such as cops, paramedics, EMTs, and firefighters, as a thank-you for their efforts throughout the crisis.


Although there is no countywide COVID relief program in Texas, some local school districts are providing stimulus checks in the form of retention bonuses to their employees.

The bonus in Irving, a Dallas suburb, can be as high as $2,000. Teachers in Denton will receive $500 in addition to a 2% pay raise. Instead of direct payments, several Texas public schools have authorized pay raises for educators.

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