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There has been so many rumor about Captain Marvel know more about it


Captain Marvel 2 recently got their release date and also with a bound date comes back to the pressure to even find the right director. While now there have been no official announcements about any kind of releases about the second part of the movie. There are some rumours that Michelle McLaren could be the upcoming director for the sequel.

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From the Game Of Thrones director, it is being considered as a variable successor to help with the upcoming sequel for the part.

Captain Marvel 2 Rumor

Many of the fans of this character want to know more about the release date and about the cast everything. We do not have any such kind of news but we do have some expectation. First is that now all the production houses are closed due to the corona-virus pandemic. So, if there will be a sequel for the movie it will be it will take some time for the officials to release the details about it.

Captain Marvel 2 Cast

Now, moving on to the cast we know that the lead cast for the character will be coming for her role in the sequel as well. But we do not know if there will be any new additions to the sequel or not. Most probably we have assumed that yes, there will be some of the major additions for the sequel of the movie.

Now coming to the plot of the second part of the movie, it will have a different plot. As we all have seen the first part of the movie it ended with a good ending there was no cliffhanger. So the fans should not be expecting any continuation from the first part of the movie. But, there can be a continuation of the officials of the movie want it to make like that it totally depends on them.

For now, the fans of the movie have to wait for the officials to release the exact details. There are a lot of rumours going on for now. Some of them are true some of them are totally false.

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