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Will Joker 2 Answer Major Questions Raised in Fans Mind

Joker 2

The Joker 2 is one of the most wildly-popular comic book antagonists in pop culture history. Nevertheless, many folks were surprised by the astonishing commercial success of Todd Phillips’ gritty re-imagining. 

The R-rated character drama grossed over a billion dollars worldwide and secured 11 Oscar nominations — ultimately taking home two trophies, one of which went to Joaquin Phoenix’s mesmerizing performance. 


Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable sequel talk came into play, but that also raises some queries.

Is the sequel happening and if yes then when?

If there will be a second part to the Joker then it’ll take a lot of time. And as a matter of almost the movies around have been on a pause due to coronavirus pandemic, the sequel is still not officially greenlit.

It’s not clear yet if the movie is happening. While there were initial reports that claimed Joker 2 was on the way, they were exaggerated. But Phillips admits that he discussed the idea with WB and considered it a possibility.

Will the Director of the first will be related to the sequel in any way?

At first the director Todd Phillips was being reluctant to make a sequel to Joker, he has since softened his tone and he’s sounded more open to the prospect. Reports suggested that Phillips met with Warner Bros.

With some possibility to make a sequel under DC or DC black label. But that doesn’t create any certainties that Philips will return for the sequel.

Will the sequel be a directly related one or a miscellany?

There is almost low to zero information for this hypothesized sequel, nothing can be fixed certainly. 

While Joker 2 is the placeholder title that’s thrown around, this continuation may adopt a different title altogether — especially if the focus is not what people assume.

Will there be any type of other Antagonist in the sequel?

It’s certainly hard to say that because, By the end of Joker, Arthur Fleck fully adopted his Clown Prince of Crime persona. He’s wearing make-up. He embraced his laugh. 

Arthur is gone now; The Joker is running wild. By that extension, Arthur has completely accepted the villainous lifestyle, opting to indulge in his dark tendencies and fantasies, showcasing little-to-no remorse, empathy, or pity for others in his trail of destruction.

Is there any chance of the appearance of any other major DC character?

The main lead and the Wayne Family is the so the were there, most of the characters seen throughout Joker were either invented for the movie or weren’t major DC characters.

But with the possibility of a sequel on the horizon, there can be some of the key characters.

Is there any type of chance that Joker and Batman/Bruce Wayne will clash in the sequel?

The film doesn’t give much time to Bruce Wayne as in one scene the joker meets him through his gate and has a little conversation there, he is just a boy in this movie.

As he is in his where his parents are alive His presence feels mostly like studio pressure. “How can you have a Joker movie without Batman?” You can hear them saying. But will that change with Joker 2?

Will Batman remains a side character during the next chapter of Fleck’s story, or will we see him become The Dark Knight?

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