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‘The Wrong Missy’ review: The Exact Creation That You’d Expect From An Adam Sandler Production




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Director: Tyler Spindel

Starring: Lauren Lapkus, Sarah Chalke, David Spade

Released: May 13 (Netflix)

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The Wrong Missy is a comedy film of the year 2020. The screenplay of the movie is done by Chris Pappas and Kevin Barnett. The Wrong Missy is an Adam Sandler’s production. It is not too hard to fulfill the hardcore criteria for the Adam Sandler Production House. You just need an appropriate script, to get a film in the sheath of his production house. The script of Adam’s movies mainly revolve around the unlikely relationships and The Wrong Missy was also such movie. The story of that movie has a relationship and it went through a lot of hardships.The Wrong Missy depicts some damn hot locations like Hawaii and starred David Spade. Precisely The Wrong Missy is fulfilling all the criteria to be a full fledged Happy Maddison’s production.

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The Wrong Missy is currently out on the streaming platform, Netflix. The story of the movie goes through in a comedy mood. It depicts a guy Tim. He is a strait-laced businessman but he is quite unlucky in love. The guy goes on a blind date where he founds out that the date shares the same name as the woman of his dreams to his work retreat, Missy. The date later became just a part of the movie when Tim literally meets the woman of his dreams. Melissa at the airport. They found a lot in common and Tim almost forgot his blind date in the process as now he has got his woman.

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Later the movie takes a turn. Tim texts his dream woman and asks her to join him on a company retreat. She apparently agrees. But the story turns when Tim’s date arrives and sits down next to him on the plane. He realizes he texted the wrong Missy. Soon he realizes that his Missy is not as confident, smart, beautiful, and intelligent as he thought.

There are other movies in the web of entertainment world with the similar plot but with a far more successful depiction. Both the actors did good job on their front. Although Spade is romcom leading man but he is no Ben Stiller. The actress Lapkus managed to fit in her role perfectly, although it was an unpleasant role for her type. She was not overly annoying in her role. No doubt, that this movie won’t bring her any awards but it is achievement to play an obnoxious role with this perfection.

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The movie may not be up to the mark creation of Sandler but it provided the whole cast and crew a few months vacation in a damn hot and beautiful location. We all could hope for the best from the next creation of Sandler.

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