The Woman In The Window Review: Amy Adams Have Proved Herself Again!

The Women in the Black

Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, and Introvertness may sound mentally disturbing until you got a hallucination. What happens when you see something and people don’t believe in it? Did you start to doubt yourself like it really happens? A new Netflix film, The Woman In The Window has something similar to tell you. 

No matter how many mental health and suspense movies I see, it is never enough for me. The latest Netflix film, The Woman In The Window is based on the best-selling novel, The Woman In The Window by the author A.J.Finn. As the novel was already popular, fans didn’t think twice about watching this movie. 

The Woman In The Window was originally going to release in 2019 but several factors delayed the release date. The movie is released after 2 years of the time frame and the directors have modified the movie within that time. The fans, who are long waiting for the movie to come, are finally relieved after knowing the news. 

In this article, you are going to find everything about this psychological thriller movie, The Woman In The Window. We’ll be going to review the movie for you. Keep reading the article to know everything about it.

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The Woman In The Window: Summary

The Woman In The Window

Based on the best-selling novel which shares the same name, this movie follows the psychological thriller story. The director of The Woman In The Window is Joe Wright who is known for their amazing work in Pride and Prejudice and Anna Karenina. 

The movie stars a popular Hollywood star, Amy Adams, in the main role. She has played the role of Dr. Anna Fox in the movie. After getting divorced from her husband, she lives alone in her Manhattan home.

After the movie was released, it gained a lot of criticism from the audience. Even the critics have rated the show with negative ratings.  The Woman In The Window became one of the most criticized movies ever. But the cast was well appreciated by the audience. The performance of Amy Adams is worth mentioning here, as the actor is already an academy award winner and we can expect her amazing performance here. 

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The Woman In The Window: When is it going to be released?

The Woman In The Window

Initially, the movie was scheduled to release in 2019. At that time, Fox Pictures had been producing the movie. The release date of  The Woman In The Window was announced to be October 2019 by 20th Century Fox. Later, the company found some errors and poor re-casting and then again delayed the release date for the next year. 

The officials have announced that the movie will release in 2020 but then a pandemic happens. The global pandemic has made the movie’s release date shift to the next year. After a lot of delays, the movie has finally revealed the release date. 

Finally, the movie has officially announced the release date to be on 14 May 2021. 

The Woman In The Window: Storyline

Anna Fox (Amy Adams) is a child psychologist and living alone in her house. She was a divorced woman and loved to spend her time in her home alone. Anna also has a daughter but she stayed with her father and used to talk with her daily. 

Moreover, Anna has a mental and anxiety disorder which makes her away from many people. Due to her anxiety, she used to stay in her home and observe her surroundings. Recently a family has moved into her neighborhood and now Anna has a reason to watch people. Being a patient, she used to take a lot of medications and also drink a lot of Alcohol.

After a couple of days, Jane Russell (neighbor) visited Anna’s home. They two meet and eventually become friends. With Jane, her son also visited Anna’s home. They all become known to each other. One day, Jane’s teenage son told Anna that his father is abusive and often beats her home.

One night, Anna saw Jane and her husband have a fight and he stabbed Jane. Vigorously, she called 911 and told the police about all the murder scenes. On the other hand, Police don’t believe Anna and told her that everything was normal. During the investigation, Jane’s husband arrived with jane. To Anna’s surprise, Jane is completely different from what Anna has seen and met earlier. 

People and even the Alistar family started to tell her that these all are the effect of excessive drinking and she is having hallucinations. Jane himself started the investigation by keeping an eye on their house. The show gets confusing for Jane and interesting to us. 

In one scene, Anna received an anonymous email that attached her photo of sleeping. She started to fear and suspect all these things linked to The Jane Murder case. 

She again called the police, which claimed that all these things are because of her anxiety. 

The Woman In The Window: Who is going to be cast in this movie?

Amy Adams

The movie cast Amy Adams in the main role. The actress played the role of anxiety and psychological disorder woman amazingly in the movie. Other than her, there is another main character and sub-main character in the story. Let’s take a quick look at these casts here in detail. 

  • Amy Adams has played the role of Dr. Anna Fox
  • Gary Oldman is seen as Alistair Russell who is the antagonist of the movie.
  • Anthony Mackie is following the role of Edward Fox
  • Fred Hechinger is seen as Ethan Russell
  • Wyatt Russell is cast as David Winter
  • Brian Tyree Henry has played the character of Det. Little
  • Julianne Moore as “Jane Russell”/Katherine Melli
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh will be seen as the real Jane Russell
  • Jeanine Serralles will be playing the role of Det. Norelli
  • Tracy Letts as Dr. Karl Landy, Anna’s psychiatrist
  • Mariah Bozeman is playing the role of Olivia Fox.

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The Woman In The Window: Controversy 

The Woman In The Window

As the movie aired, it was soon revealed that the movie is based on a best-selling novel that shares the same name. The thriller novel became the best-selling book by A.J.Finn. After a while, the author came into controversy for lying about his health.

For many people, who don’t know about the incident then let me inform you here. A.J.Finn, a novelist, claimed that he is having brain cancer, which is a serious illness. The author has lied about his health and disease. After some investigation, it came forward that the author never really had any kind of disease. 

People started to get angry because cancer is a serious illness that leads to many deaths all over the world. Many people have died because of this disease. 

Where is the Official Trailer?

The official trailer for this movie is already released by Netflix on youtube. The video received millions of views and if you haven’t checked the trailer yet, go and watch it out. 

How Audience And Critics reacted to this movie?

The movie received a lot of criticism for its story and for taking it through a controversial author. As the author of the book has been accused of falsely spreading the rumor about cancer, which he wasn’t diagnosed with. The movie became one of the most citism movies of the year but despite all these fans appreciate the performance of the cast. In this article, we’ll be going to discuss the ratings of the show in detail. Check out what critics have to say about the movie.

IMDb rating – 5.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 25%

Metacritic – 41%

On the other hand, people have appreciated the movie and even appreciated the performance of Amy Adams. The actress is already famous and has a large fandom dedicated to her acting skills. 

Final words

 The Woman In The Window was a movie to release in 2019 but with re-casting and improper screening, the movie was officially released in 2021. The two-year gap was because of the global pandemic and also poor performance. Changing many production houses, the movie finally fell into the hands of Netflix. The movie received many criticisms from the critics and the audience but still become popular. If you are someone who loves to watch a psychological drama then this one is for you. 

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