The Witcher Netflix release Date, Trailer, Cast : When is The Witcher released?


Game of Thrones is finished, and the playing field is wide open for a fresh dream IP to sweep audiences away into a world of monsters, heroes and dragons.

Netflix is betting on The Witcher to fulfill that void. Based on the Polish publication show by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher tells Geralt of Rivia’s story:


a monster-hunter-for-hire who becomes embroiled in a war to determine the fate of the Northern Kingdoms. And on Dec. 20, it is going to become Netflix’s newest big-budget streaming collection.

The Witcher is known by some fans throughout the series of games, throughout the novels; others. But if you’ve devoured every word ever written about Geralt, or are just looking for a new series to meet with the hole in your heart, the Witcher appears worth checking out. This is everything about we know about The Witcher on Netflix so far.


The Witcher Netflix release date


Those that are eagerly awaiting The Witcher won’t have to wait for too much longer. The series will debut on Dec. 20 on Netflix ($9 — 16 a month), and Season 1 will comprise eight episodes.

Every episode will be a little less than an hour if The Witcher is anything like the other drama series of Netflix.

As Netflix is not normally keen on adhering to some TV schedule, the season should debut at once.

Whether we see any extra seasons will depend on how well the very first season performs.

But there’s some indication that writing for Season 2 is already underway. If the novels are followed by the series carefully, there’s easily enough stuff to fill about eight seasons. (Based on two short story collections and six books.)


The Witcher Netflix trailer


There has been a marginally longer, considerably more detailed preview: a teaser trailer and two Witcher trailers thus much. Here’s the teaser, from July 19, 2019:


The Witcher Netflix cast 

Consider this, if you’re on the fence about The Witcher: Henry Cavill decided he’d rather be Geralt of Rivia compared to Superman.

The British actor who played America’s foremost superhero Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League resigned from his DC character and signed on with The Witcher series rather.

Those who criticized the muted performance from the Superman movies of Cavill might find that emotional indifference and his sardonic humor match Geralt a little better.

Anya Chalotra from Sherwood and Wanderlust will take on Yennefer’s role: the sorceress who falls in love with Geralt. (Whether it’s by her own will or due to a magical spell is a source of contention for the entire book collection .) Freya Allen will make her debut in a starring role as Princess Ciri.

Joey Batey, who has made a name for himself will perform Jaskier — better known to Witcher video game lovers as Dandelion the.

Besides Cavill, no one in the primary cast is a huge star, however Lars Mikkelsen (Grand Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars Rebels) will play Stregobor the wizard, Anna Shaffer (Romilda Vane from the Harry Potter films) will perform Triss the enchantress and MyAnna Buring (Tanya in the Twilight films) will play Tissaia the sorceress.

It’s a throw that is promising.