The Walking Dead’s Crossover Failed Dwight TV Show

Austin Amerlio as Dwight, Lennie James as MorganĀ - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Many consider the Walking Dead crossover to be a failure, but Dwight was one of its biggest victims. With struggling ratings, Fear the Walking Dead performed a soft-reset for its fourth season, as did Leanie James’ Morgan move from the original series to Spinoff, as well as AliceWD veterans such as Alicia Clarke and Victor Strand. John Dory and other new features.

An important character in The Walking Dead’s “All Out War” story, Dwight is a Dalit member of Negan’s Saviors, who is forced to follow Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s baseball bat-swinging Narcissist, even though the villain has his Stole wife and burnt it.


Half his face. Greatly troubled by such treatment, Dwight sells Negan to Rick and thus helps turn the tide of the fight in favor of Alexandria.

In comic books, Dwight becomes an important member of Rick’s community but, in a TV adaptation, he is banished by Daryl. Turning elsewhere, Dwight sets out to find his wife, who has already escaped from Negan’s clutches, and it is here that Fear the Walking Dead chooses the story of Dwight.

Putting Dwight and Morgan’s reunion aside, the introduction of Fair the Walking Dead makes Dwight quite promising. In a Western-themed episode, Dory and June find Dwight in trouble and find a desperate victim who will lead him to his missing wife.

After struggling for a year without reward, Dwight contemplates suicide, but his new friends convince him to live as expected.
While Dwight and Sherry get frustrated after investing in their Walking Dead storylines, moving past each other, the spinoff’s transparent inspiration makes the character even worse.

If Dwight had determined the dog to chase Sherry, it was impossible to integrate the Walking Dead cast with the main fear and to make Dwight one of the gang, the plot demanded his wife-search mission left.

The ending of Dwight and Sherry’s story was never likely to be a final on The Walking Dead, once “All Out War” was awaited, and FTWD asked Dwight and Sherry to rewrite and complete their story. said. did. Instead of a major opportunity, it chose to erect Dwight’s established arch in favor of something suited to its purpose.

In fairness, there is a strong possibility that Dwight and Sherry will reunite FTWD sometime in future seasons, but only if the spinoff finds a convenient place to do so.

Hitting the pause button on the Dwight and Sherry storylines of Season 5 can certainly reduce the impact of their last meet, the dissatisfaction of the two characters, especially Austin Amelio.