The Walking Dead Season 10 Will Michonne Reunite with her Family and Friends?


As Season 10 of AMC’s The Walking Dead nears its conclusion, among the greatest puzzles involves Michonne and if she will return to her friends and family.

Last seen, traveling to an abandoned naval base with fresh personality, Virgil, to get the weapons he claimed were there, the upcoming episode, “What We Become,” will mostly concentrate on what happened there.

It is going to be Danai Gurira outing as the personality. Judging by a promo for the episode, duplicitous motives could result in Michonne’s demise.

Many things are in stake for Michonne. The most crucial one is if she will reunite with her children, Judith and R.J. The guarantee of weapons to assist the communities and the Whisperers struggle is another.

Because she climbed to appreciate the people in her life, particularly her new household she chose to assist Virgil.

Interestingly, Michonne briefly recalled words stated by Rick: “My mercy prevails over my wrath,” which also could have influenced her choice to leave Virgil.

The Walking Dead has introduced deceptive characters before, including the welcoming people at Terminus and the Governor.

In cases like this, Virgil may have lied to ambush Michonne. Or his purpose for leaving his loved ones was to find a person to help rid the island of its troublesome group.

In any circumstance, it will not postpone Michonne from returning to the joint communities — when she returns additionally, it will induce her to reflect on the decision she made.

The upcoming episode could effectively play this theme of alternatives. Michonne is. She did choose to go along with Virgil, an unknown quantity, after all, probably because she didn’t need the burden of looking after somebody else.

This time may end up being too much for the character, although Michonne is capable of doing things. She may have difficulty coping with the conditions, given she has folks counting on her to return.

With everything pointing into a seemingly dire situation, and”What We Become” being Gurira’s final episode on the show, it’s fairly safe to presume Michonne will not reunite with Judith along with others.

Though some may say that’s all she needs she is in unknown land facing a new threat with her wits and katana.

Showrunner Angela Kang has said fans can expect an emotional farewell for Michonne. So, if it’s indeed the end for the character, viewers should expect and a remarkable sendoff a character arc that comes complete circle.

The Walking Dead has given all sorts of character exits in its time. This one appears to be a decision for a character.

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