The Walking Dead Season 10: Things Fans Learned About Lucille

The Walking Dead Season 10

Up until the finale of The Walking Dead Season 10, the main thing watchers knew about the late spouse of fan-most loved person Negan was that her name was Lucille. He named his spiked metal bat after her.

The Walking Dead Season 10 finale, which will apparently be considered the best Negan-drove episode of the whole series, exposed Lucille such that fans totally venerated.


Not exclusively did the person and entertainer Jeffrey Dean Morgan have extreme science. It’s not unexpected since Lucille was played by his genuine spouse, entertainer Hilarie Burton Morgan. Yet she had layers that made fans both love her and lament her demise and really feel a touch of compassion toward Negan.

She Died By Suicide – The Walking Dead Season 10

The greatest uncover was that Lucille didn’t die normally from malignancy as had been expected by many. After Negan branched out to snatch more sacks of chemotherapy medication to complete her treatment. She might have assumed that the drawn-out probability that she’d make due in the end times was low. Negan would be in an ideal situation staying the course without her.

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Prior to her self-destruction, she cut a message in the wooden entryway asking Negan. Whoever may track down her, not to leave her that way when they tracked down her.

She Knew Negan Was Cheating

While Negan everything except conceded that he was untrustworthy to his better half. The fans of the comics definitely knew this insight concerning him, what wasn’t clear was whether Lucille knew or not. The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale episode affirmed that she not just presumed that he was engaging in extramarital relations. However, she levels out knew the entire time.

She chose to remain with him in any case, accepting there was goodness in him, particularly as he attempted to vindicate himself. Demonstrate his adoration once she found she was wiped out. She uncovered to him after walkers had assumed control over the world that she knew. Consoling Negan that he at this point was not expected to continue to attempt to compensate for his culpability.

She Was Negan’s Perfect Match

It’s hard to envision what sort of lady may draw in the kind gestures of Negan as well as have the option to go head to head with him. Lucille was actually that individual. She was wild and brave. She was solid and autonomous. Also, she had an edge.

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She is by and large the kind of lady it would bode well for Negan to be with. Notwithstanding her durability, in any case, she likewise had a delicate side. It was clear Negan would go to unimaginable lengths for her, regardless of whether he generally show it.

She Gifted Negan The Leather Jacket (Sort Of)

It’s not out of the domain of probability to expect that Negan may have taken his unmistakable dark leather coat from one of his numerous casualties. In any case, it turns out he really purchased the costly garment before the world had finished.

I was angry with him for going through such a lot of cash when he had recently lost his employment. For disposing of the receipt so it couldn’t be returned, Lucille concealed the coat from him. After the world changed, notwithstanding, she chose to gift it back to him as a token of sincere trust. A portrayal of how such things truly don’t make any difference any longer.

She Was Fed Up With Negan’s Antics

Through a few exasperated looks and telephone discussions with loved ones in flashbacks, clearly, regardless of adoring him, Lucille was tired of Negan’s shenanigans. Had she not have been determined to have malignancy, would they have separated? It’s muddled.

However, it appears Lucille was contacting her limit and may have left Negan on the off chance that he hadn’t got it together.

Her Favorite Song – The Walking Dead Season 10

It was uncovered that Lucille’s main tune was Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful.” In one scene when she was feeling the impacts of the chemotherapy. Negan even spooned her and sang the tune.

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However, the most prominent tale about the tune is that it played a critical part in Negan losing his employment. Negan got into a bar brawl when a couple of unruly folks continued to talk over the melody when he played it on the jukebox for Lucille. It turned out the men he beat up were guardians of his understudies.

She Would Probably Have Been A Better Leader Than Negan

Negan administered with an iron clenched hand and keeping in mind that he was, here and there, a decent pioneer, generally, he was off the wall. Lucille exhibited that she wasn’t hesitant to do what was fundamental. Similar to shooting a walker when Negan experienced difficulty bringing it down.

She was similarly pretty much as keen and determined as Negan, yet she most likely would have assumed the responsibility and might have made a superior showing with it. While Negan was an instructor, which clarified why he was so attracted to ensuring the children. Lucille was more functional and plainly ran the family.

Her Chemotherapy Treatments Were Almost Over

In view of the timetable, Lucille began chemotherapy before the world finished, enough for her to have procured a different choice of hairpieces and to see precisely how and when her treatment ought to be directed.

Thus, when she passed on, she was apparently just three medicines from wrapping up. Would she have had the option to beat disease had she finished the treatment or was it simply living in fantasy land? That is muddled. Nonetheless, the treatment might just have been working, notwithstanding the conditions.

She Was Friends With Negan’s Mistress

In one enthusiastic, tragic scene, Lucille goes to the specialist without help from anyone else when Negan says he can’t join her and accepts her malignant growth finding, alone. At the point when the specialist inquires as to whether she has somebody to drive her home, she says OK. Then hysterically attempts to arrive at Negan, however, he isn’t replying. She calls her companion Janine, however that likewise goes to a phone message.

As she flips to and fro between the two numbers on her telephone. It’s unmistakable she understands this is Negan’s courtesan and they are logical together.

Her Death Traumatized Negan

Up until this point, fans accepted that Negan was disheartened by the passing of his better half. He found some comfort in keeping her alive through the security fencing bat that he treated as her resemblance. In any case, this episode introduced the profundity at which Negan experienced injury and further made fans need him to track down recovery.

Subsequent to feeling regretful over allowing her last medicines to thaw out, getting caught while returning to home base with another clump of medication, and surrendering the area of the sort individuals who gave him the drugs. Negan got back to find that Lucille passed on, logical just after he left.

Furthermore, she had presumably settled on the choice to do it before he even went. Sitting damaged by the bed as Lucille’s revived body moaned and snarled. He was unable to force himself to kill her zombie form and set the whole house ablaze all things being equal. It was the conspicuous defining moment for Negan who kept on living with responsibility and lament for the remainder of his life.