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The Walking Dead Season 10 Confirms Character Return As Michonne Exits The Show

The Walking Dead spoilers predicated on a promo for next week’s episode below. The Walking Dead is bringing an original character for next week’s Michonne episode.

Episode 13 ‘What We Become’ is expected to be Danai Gurira’s final episode, and in a promo published previewing the opening minutes, the series flashes back to the season two finale with a sudden twist.


The clip shows archival footage of Andrea running in the woods, pursued by several zombies following the autumn of the farm of HershelHershel. Michonne is seen watching.

Fans will remember that Andrea was rescued by Michonne. But in this promo, Michonne does nothing and turns down her back, as Andrea is overwhelmed by the zombies. As she dies, her screams can be heard.

It is unclear what this what if’ moment means from the context of next week’s episode.

However, this snippet might shed some light into a single scene in episode 13’s official trailer — in which Michonne is shown holding Negan’s bat in a scene very reminiscent of the season 6 finale. Is this ‘what if’ moment?

The episode will visit Michonne arrive in Virgil’s house to see that the island isn’t what it seems.

“The island is not clear. It was until others came,” Virgil shows from the trailer…

The Walking Dead continues on Saturdays at 9 pm on FOX in the United Kingdom. You can also catch up on the display via NOW TV. The series continues on Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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