The Walking Dead Season 10: Characters Who Died After the Whisperers’ Hilltop Attack


There were casualties on either side of the Hilltop and the Whisperers battled in The Walking Dead Season 10. Here is every personality who died.

Maybe not everybody made it out alive once Hilltop along with the Whisperers clashed in the latest episode of The Walking Dead Season 10.

The conflict between the respective communities and also the Whisperers was building for a while, and it eventually resulted in a large-scale battle when Alpha (Samantha Morton) directed her forces (and a horde of zombies) into a fight with the people of Hilltop.

Following a brutal and bloody encounter with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and a dialogue with Lydia (Cassady McClincy), Alpha decided it was time to take on Hilltop. 

Upon discovering that conflict was coming, Daryl, Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Rosita (Christian Serratos), and the others made preparations for its Whisperers. 

Armed with shields and weapons, the natives formed a line and defended their residence. Hilltop was defeated, and the figures were forced to flee and seek refuge elsewhere.

Of course, with this being The Walking Dead, a few characters didn’t survive the conflict, as there were casualties on each side. The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 12, “Walk With Us” adds to the passing count attributed to the conflict with the Whisperers.

The show lost several major and supporting characters into the Whisperers in season 9, including Jesus (Tom Payne), Tara (Alanna Masterson), Enid (Katelyn Nacon), and more.

This continued The Walking Dead season 10 together with the murder of Siddiq (Avi Nash). The Whisperer War has taken its toll on the figures, and it may get worse. Here’s after the Whisperers assaulted Hilltop everyone who expired.


Earl Sutton (John Finn) is Hilltop’s blacksmith and someone who’s been on the show like the Walking Dead season 9 premiere, but just in a recurring role.

While drunk and conquer despair over the death of the son, Earl was manipulated by Gregory (Xander Berkeley) to creating an attempt on Maggie’s life. However, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), who understood Earl’s pain, agreed to spare his life. 

Ever since then, Earl has been proven to be an important part of the community of Hilltop. Later on, Earl missing his wife through the Fair to the Whisperers and adopted the Whisperer baby that was left behind by the individuals of Alpha.


After a while, cracks began to form, although gamma started in season 10 as a member of this Whisperers. Her loyalty to Alpha was shaken after her sister was killed by Gamma to the Whisperer leader.

After speaking with Aaron (Ross Marquand), the third-in-command of the Whisperers started to doubt her allegiances to the Alpha and gradually developed a rapport of sorts with Aaron. 

Ultimately, Gamma gave up Aaron’s valuable advice about the horde of Alpha and turned on the Whisperers. Alpha demanded that she be punished After her betrayal was detected.


Alpha has become the show’s main antagonist since season 9, and the show set the stage for her downfall as soon as she agreed to let Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) combine the Whisperers. After all, it was Negan who murdered her at the book version of the narrative. 

Beta was distrustful of Negan this time and for good reason. Alpha, on the other hand, took a liking to his methods and the prior Savior. Alpha used several Negan’s old tactics in her battle plan against Hilltop, though she rejected his proposal regarding forcing Hilltop into surrendering.

The ulterior motives of Megan became increasingly clear when he promised to bring her to Alpha, who thought that so she could become stronger, Lydia had to die at her hand and caught Lydia. 

Negan abruptly slit Alpha’s throat after stepping into the cottage where Lydia was being held. As it is the character who was murdered from the comics, Megan’s decision wasn’t a surprise to readers.


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