The Walking Dead Season 10 Chandler Riggs Revealed How the Show Could End


THE WALKING DEAD is still going strong, but audiences have been speculating how the story will gradually conclude. A recent interview may have shed some light.

Season 10 of the zombie epic of AMC is delivering one of the show’s bloodiest struggles. One star of the series has revealed that there could be an even bigger war, although the Battle of Hilltop was a significant occasion for TWD.

In the series’ most recent episode, Walk with Us, Daryl (Norman Reedus) finally squared off from Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the Whisperer’s overwhelming horde.

It was the very action-packed episode in this half of the year so far, and lots of fans are wondering just how the rest of the season will compare with this week on The Walking Dead.

The show takes its inspiration from Robert Kirkman’s original novels with some notable changes.

As another spin-off and an additional cinematic trilogy according to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the functions, it’s possible the television series will massively depart from the source material.

The Walking Dead theories: Chandler Riggs reveals how TWD could finish thanks to Rick.

During a recent convention, one of the show’s stars demonstrated what he thinks will decrease during the last season of The Walking Dead.

Speaking on a panel at Wizard World Cleveland, reported TWD star Chandler Riggs explained another significant war between factions will examine the wills of the rest of the survivors.

He explained: “My kind of theory is that the whole CRM thing they are setting up, they’re putting it up to function as CRM versus the Commonwealth and there is gonna be like a big battle in the end.”

Commonwealth is a piece of the later volumes of the comic novels of Kirkman; a safe harbor protected by the hordes of bikers, it’s the closest thing TWD’s world has into a functioning city.

The Walking Dead notions: Negan tricked Alpha by infiltrating the Whisperers.

It’s a population of 50,000 people as well as in the comics, is directed by former politician Pamela Milton, therefore could establish either a refuge for those survivors or a new, unprecedented hazard that is human.

Season 10 has dropped hints that the Commonwealth arc is on the way, while CRM (Civic Republic Military) flew Rick Grimes at a helicopter to an unknown place in year nine.

Chandler continued: “That’s kind of how they are gonna close out the whole franchise. That is my guess. I guarantee I know nothing, I am not spoiling anything. This is purely my guess.”

As with much secretive television show, showrunner Angela Kang keeps the scripts close to the chest, even away from the cast eyes