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The Walking Dead: 5 Reasons Why Rick Grimes Could have Died in A Real Zombie Apocalypse



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Rick Grimes was the survivors’ chief, keeping and directing his buddies alive. That does not mean he would survive an actual zombie apocalypse.

Without Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead would not have managed to continue as long as it has done and that much is obvious.

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While he may be the sheriff which we all have a place for in our hearts, we still do not think he’s quite as invincible as the series paints him out to be.

We that Rick probably would’ve died during the series. While we think he’s a complete and utter badass, we can not lie to ourselves and that we’re going to record our motives.

5. Trusting the Incorrect People

While Rick generally has solid judgment regarding folks sometimes, it seems like he lets his guard down just a little bit.

The’garbage’ individuals caught him off guard Terminus proved to be one big lie, and most importantly of all, he probably should have wound up dead in the hands of Shane.

If Shane needed him dead, then he would’ve taken instead of pulling it out and allowing Rick to get the upper hand.

4. The Horse Scene


After finding his family and Rick decided to leave Morgan’s house, he decided to go to the core of Atlanta on the back of a horse. At one point the walkers overwhelm Rick, finally falling off of his horse.

While he got lucky with Glenn finding him inside the tank we can’t allow our minds to drift off to some point where that would be achievable. The numbers game was against him and he should have died on this day.

3. Overconfidence

It is tough when overconfidence turns around and bites you, and there have been many cases in the series’s run at which likely should’ve happened to Rick.

This comes to mind in the fifth season when the gang pops up at Alexandria, and beyond that, when they begin to settle down in the season.

We feel like he thought he was untouchable, although it’s one of the wonderful periods in the show’s run. In reality that simply was not the case, and he probably should’ve paid the price.

2. Protecting His Kids

Judith and Carl functioned as the light from Rick’s life, and occasionally throughout TWD’s run, they had been in pretty sticky situations both with and without their father being present.

Rick has done a great deal to protect them and we need to point that out in the get-go, however, if he was truly going to do all in his power to set their lives before his, then surely he would’ve been the one to perish before Carl.

The circumstances may not have ensured that has been possible, but there were too’wrong place, wrong time’ minutes for our liking.

1. Negan

He wanted to win the war, and if Negan was smart, he would have put an end to Rick Grimes if he had the chance.

It would have made a whole lot more sense to allow him to take out Rick Rather than leaving the leader of the group living after they had killed a lot of his guys.

The rest of the band, logically speaking, would’ve fallen as a result with Negan in line — and only wouldn’t have been able to cope with the devastation of this scenario.

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