The Walking Dead: 10 Theories For Michonne’s Departure Explained


Michonne is departing The Walking Dead, and while we understand the character won’t be killed, how can her death be clarified? Below are a few predictions.

It is already confirmed that Danai Gurira who performs Michonne on The Walking Dead will be leaving the show that season. She’s only set to look in a couple of episodes in season 10, and indeed, we have not seen her for a couple of already.


She came across a mysterious guy named Virgil who promised if she helped him get back home to supply her with a bevy of weapons. She decided the assignment was worth going on.

Will Michonne return from this assignment? Since she’s rumored to look at the spin-off movies with Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), we’re pretty sure she won’t be killed. But how can she be sent?

10 She Finds Rick

The only way we could see Michonne willingly leaving her kids Judith and R.J. is if she finds Rick and is not able to leave where they are (or is forced to remain to figure out something). Or, at least she finds evidence that he is still living.

1 forecast is her final episode ends with her running into his arms. She tells him about R.J. and how ferocious Judith is now, and he reveals the secrets he’s heard since being swept away from the helicopter. 

They then radio Judith who gives her blessing that they try and remain to save the world.

9 She Takes Off In A Helicopter

At some point on Michonne’s journey with Virgil, she’ll likely encounter a helicopter and the same suited up and masked people we watched on Fear the Walking Dead and with Jadis.

Who are they? What exactly are they doing? And do they accept her?

Chances are the episode that will be left to be shown from the spin-off movies. The last we see of her could be high in the sky.

8 She’s Kidnapped By Virgil’s Group


You never know on the planet, while Virgil seems to be an honest man who just wants to return home. Is it feasible that he kidnaps her, brings her and they hold her hostage? She is stuck there as they attempt to acquire information.

Maybe it’s an offshoot of the Saviors or an entirely new group altogether. Once she and Virgil reach their destination, but she will probably meet with them. Her fate after that is unknown.

7 She Meets With Jadis

We all know from the final episode of Rick that a helicopter swooped in and saved him. And who efficiently saved his life and had been that helicopter? 

Jadis. We know from her fight with Gabriel and her secretive messages concerning people being Bs which she is somehow working with this mysterious group.

Michonne may run into Jadis, or she is being worked with by Virgil and will tell her that Rick is alive to be able to watch him and also to come with her. Can Michonne say?

6 Requires Lost And Allergic Proof Rick Is Alive

Michonne gets lost along the way. Virgil is murdered and she has no one. Or they get separated. Or he tries to kill her and that doesn’t end well for him. Then she’s across some kind of definitive proof that Rick is living.

It’s a voice over a person or a radio she meets who talks of this bearded man who dwelt in Alexandria and was once a cop. It’s almost a certainty that she will learn that Rick did not die after all and it will turn her world upside down.

5. Judith Convinces The Way To Return

Is that Michonne learns Rick suspects it or remains alive? She returns home after completing her trip and provides Judith the information.

About what to do, torn indoors, it is the level-headed Judith who convinces Michonne to venture out and locate him.

She will most likely tell her to do what she has to do and bring their home. It leaves the door for an expected cameo or even a reunion at the end and will allow saying her goodbyes to Michonne.

4 She Falls Into A Coma

This one is a longshot but maybe Michonne drops into a coma or somehow gets seriously hurt. And just like with Rick, a helicopter swoops in, takes her into their territory that is mysterious and saves her. They care for her and keep her alive until she awakens back up or will get back on her feet.

Perhaps just a few weeks pass, possibly months or even years. But at some stage, she is well enough, gets up and if she’s about to depart, she sees Rick.

3 Judith Goes With Her

It isn’t from the realm of chance that Judith belongs to Michonne. It hasn’t been verified that the character would be leaving The Walking Dead and we can not see it happening since she adds so much to the show.

But the show could throw us for a loop and then ship Judith and R.J. packing with Michonne and also have all three of them wind up on the movie spin-offs instead. Again, we would bet against this forecast. But whatever is possible.

2 Runs Into Maggie

While Michonne will be leaving the show, we all know that Maggie is supposed to be coming back. We all know she made to join Georgia’s group and has made a decision to help their community. 

Could their neighborhood and Virgil’s be the same and one?

Maybe Michonne will meet Maggie there plus they exchange areas. Maggie goes back to help care for Judith and R.J. and watch her old friends while Michonne works with the new group. We know there may be some relation in terms of why and how one leaf and another returns after Michonne leaves Maggie will appear in an event.

1 She Discovers Something Sinister Going On

Somewhere along the way, Michonne may detect that there’s something sinister going on or perhaps even that some group or someone is working on a cure.

She discovers this worth seeking out if she understands it can save her and her children. She follows the trail.

In doing this, she may wind up crossing paths with Maggie or understanding Rick’s fate. And this incident might reveal something about this secretive group we understand very little about.


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