‘The View’: Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin Spar in Heated Exchange on Friday’s Series


The View hosts are at it again. Friday’s edition of the ABC daytime talk show erupted into yet another war of words when Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin were at political odds.

The issue-at-hand was, of course, the ongoing impeachment inquiry Directed former reality star Donald Trump, at the president. Things got when McCain pointed out how many from the party simply don’t believe there is evidence to impeach that the POTUS.


Based on TooFab, The conversation picked up when McCain said the”MAGA hat folks” she Lives near were”not sure what occurred is an impeachable offense.” Fellow panelist Joy Behar then brought up the Constitution, but McCain attempted to take her down.

“Please do not speak to me about the Constitution,” McCain said.

“The Constitution belongs to all people ” Behar responded, and shortly adding, “I think bribery is recorded among the impeachable offenses, from the founding fathers.”

McCain brought up Texas Republican representative May Hurd’s stance on the topic, which is there is no”compelling, overpowering, clear and unambiguous” evidence to impeach Trump.

Hostin wasn’t delighted with blasted Hurd and this position.

“I Believe that Anybody that Has Been listening heard 9 people testify Concerning What they found, what they heard, individuals who have served our nation, somebody that has a purple heart,” Hostin explained.

McCain jumped to defend Hurd, stating,”He served his nation, he is a part of this CIA.”

Hostin sparred back, stating”I also state it informs me he’s complicit, That the Republican party has empowered this president continues to allow this president”

McCain then maintained Hostin had been”slandering” Hurd, but Hostin disagreed.

“He’s complicit. I really don’t know whether it is about a political occasion… For him to sit there and state proof needs to be overpowering and he noticed no more overwhelming evidence, I would like to understand which hearings he is sitting ,” Sunny said.

“It’s easy to receive a inexpensive applause line , it is” McCain said. “And that is alright, take your cheap applause line”