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The video game 2020’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 5 will reportedly plunge players into Cold War




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According to a report, Activation has informed developers at Sledgehammer and Raven that neither of the two studios will develop the new Call of Duty to be launched in 2020.

Instead, Treyarch, who was the developer of the 2018 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, will take over and develop Black Ops 5.

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Scheduled for launch in 2020, Black Ops 5 will reportedly be “more severe and grueling” than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare, from Infinity Ward, is a more aggressive new version of the hit series that presents players with the “morally complex realities of modern warfare”.

All are set to launch on October 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, the new. The video game promises a “raw, gritty and provocative” storyline that will convince players that they are fighting for their respective countries.


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YouTube sensation LongSensation, which has so far been a very reliable source for details and leaks of the Call of Duty series, provided some details about the new addition to the series via Twitter.

Raven and Sledgehammer are still on the project but will serve as assistant studios for Treyarch. The work he has done for the single-player story mode will be included in Black Ops 5, indicating a change to a campaign mode of Black Ops 4.

The main reason behind the switch to the studio is reportedly due to significant tension between Raven and Sledgehammer’s staff. The situation has been described as a “mess”. Reliable sources confirmed that employees of both developers often debated previous projects.

This creates a problem for Treyarch. Instead of a three-year schedule, he now has two years to complete the entire game.

This can result in a particularly bad stretch of the crunch. Other sources say they are excited for the new Call of Duty because it is more “gritty and gruesome” than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this year.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 5 will reportedly cover the 1950 Korean Wars. Unfortunately, it will be a long time ago when Activision reveals any details about Black Ops 5.

Call of Duty: With Mobile, Call of Duty is coming to iOS and Android this year. You can pre-register for the game on the respective App Store.

This is a good time for a Call of Duty fan, as the franchise is launching itself on all available platforms.

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