The Vampire Diaries Season 9 Renewal Update and Every Other Detail Fan Should Know

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 was an end of a humongous fan-favorite saga. Went on for a massive 8 seasons. Though fans were sort of unhappy with the end. Rather than being unhappy, fans were actually pretty unsatisfied. Certain characters leaving the show mid-way and that actually triggered the viewers.

The series got immense popularity among young blood and the leads were actually the heart-throbs for all the fans. Viewers even considered going on board and letting the authorities know that they did not have enough of the show yet.

Though, soon after the end of Season 8, there were two specific spin-offs introduced The Legacies and The Originals. These two spin-offs are working pretty well for the fans and have been receiving warmth from the viewers.

Recently speculations hit it off, with the sudden rumors of The Vampire Diaries coming back with Season 9. So how true is this rumor?

Is The Vampire Diaries Renewed Or Not?


The series aired its last episode in the 8th season, giving it a conclusion. And even the leads started to leave the show earlier in its sixth season or so due to their personal choices.

Though the fan favorites were leaving the show, every viewer somehow managed it through the last two seasons and watched it religiously. But it was said out loud that there shall be no such return for the leads at least.

Ian Somerhalder(Damon Salvatore) said he needs to focus and divert himself from playing a vampire to much more productive and substantial projects. And so did Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert), she left the show earlier than the conclusion, came in for the finale and made the fans a little bit satisfied with her presence.

We all know rumors are like forest fires. They spread and cause tremors of other speculations. It happened with The Vampire Diaries in recent times. Hence, is said that if there is to be a Season 9. It has to come in at some time around 2021 end. Other than the rumors there are no such announcements or official news on a Season 9.

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