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The upcoming game God Of War release date and everything that the players need to know

The Santa Monica’s game God Of War has been really one of the popular games of all time however their latest release came out in the year 2018 and ever since then. The gamers have been looking and searching forward to know if the next version of it is due anytime for them soon.

When Will God Of War 5 be Release?

cast of God Of War Part Five

Cory Barlog is the head director of the game God Of War and it is only as per his personal account tweet that we all are hoping to get the upcoming fifth part of God of War. He asked all the gamers around the world to which game sequel they would like to see on PlayStation 5. Also as per the reports, we also know that the fifth part of God Of War is now in the early stages for their development and as such it also might be ready to release in the year 2022 and not before that for the gamers.

What Is New About The Fifth part?

The fifth part of God Of War is not delayed just because of their shortage in the very creative team members but also because of visually God Of War 5 is now to be made exceptional than their other versions. Also, the game is now arriving for the PlayStation 5 would also try to make it alive up action to the expectations of the console.

The director has also given some hints that the upcoming part will be a very different one and let us see how different it is going to be. The gamers are really excited for the game to be released soon for them.

Will It Come For PC?

Well, now only after the release of the fifth part of God of War, we would be able to say if the game will be available for PC too as the popularity of the game has a very important role to play to make it available on the other playing platforms. So for the PC gamers let them wait and see what happens in the future for them.



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