The Tomorrow People Season 2: Release Date: Leaks on Cancellation & Confirmation!

Updated on: 02/02/2022

The Tomorrow People is an American sci-fi TV show created by Greg Berlanti, Phil Klemmer, and Julie Plec which was broadcasted on The CW during the 2013–14 American TV season. It was a redo of the first British TV show of a similar name, made by Roger Price, which ran from 1973–79. The show follows a gathering of youngsters who have psionic powers as the aftereffect of human development.


The Tomorrow People debuted on October 9, 2013, and finished on May 5, 2014. It initially broadcasted Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/8:00 p.m. Focal, yet on March 17, 2014, it was moved to Mondays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/8:00 p.m.

The Storyline of the Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People Season 2

The Tomorrow People are people who, because of the transformative turn of events, have become early examples of the following condition of human advancement – Homo superior. Nonetheless, while they are early instances of their specific human subspecies, they are not the main such age to have grown such capacities right now, the most established Homo better show up than have begun to arise thirty to forty years prior and exist across the world.

As a result of their “breaking out” of the limits of their pre-clairvoyant formative stage in young adulthood, they create psionic capacities (the “Three T’s” – Telepathy, Teleportation, and Telekinesis. A fourth T capacity highlighted in the arrangement is Temporal Manipulation).

The Tomorrow People Season 2

The show centres around Stephen Jameson, a recently rising individual from The Tomorrow People, just like his father who, as the most remarkable of the Tomorrow People, vanished a very long time before the recent developments in the show, attempting to discover where they could live securely.

The Tomorrow People are pursued by Ultra, an enemy of clairvoyant hereditary purging association that utilizes Tomorrow People to chase down others and kill, or execute, them; their central command is intended to kill the forces of Tomorrow People, even though Stephen appears to be impervious to its belongings.

The Tomorrow People Season 2

Outside Ultra, their folks, and their friends and family, the presence of the Tomorrow People is obscure to the overall population, as they dread more leading oppression. Thus, they invest quite a bit of their energy in the Lair, an underground headquarters underneath the roads of Manhattan.

The season finale closes with John (Luke Mitchell, otherwise known as Lincoln from SHIELD), whose forces had been stripped away, recapturing them with “help” from Jedikiah. That is no demonstration of liberality, as he plans to utilize John as the first of numerous new superpowered troopers. In the meanwhile, the Tomorrow People assume control over Ultra’s base for themselves and use it for their steadily developing positions.

The Cast of The Tomorrow People

  • Stephen Jameson by Robbie Amell
  • Cara Coburn by Peyton List
  • John Young by Luke Mitchell
  • Russell Kwon by Aaron Yoo
  • Astrid Finch by Madeleine Mantock
  • Jedikiah Price by Mark Pellegrino
  • Marla Jameson by Sarah Clark
  • Luca Jameson by Jacob Kogan
  • Jack Jameson/Roger Price by Jeffrey Pierce
  • Hillary Cole by Alexa Vega
  • Darcy Nichols by Meta Golding
  • Kurt Rundle by Nick Eversman
  • Tim by Dan Stevens
  • John Young by Mitchell Kummer
  • Charlotte Taylor by Madeleine Arthur
  • Agent Troy by Ben Hollingsworth
  • Morgan Burke by Carly Pope
  • Aldus Crick by Nicholas Young
  • Cassandra Smythe by Serinda Swan
  • Hugh Bathory by Simon Merrells
  • Natalie by Leven Rambin
  • Irene Quinn by Laura Slade Wiggins

Official Trailer of The Tomorrow People

If you haven’t watched The Tomorrow People till now, you can watch the entire season on Amazon Prime Videos easily. Here is the official trailer of The Tomorrow People :

In the trailer, Stephen is introduced to a new hidden world that includes supernatural power, from where he gets to know about his supernatural powers. As the trailer goes Stephen started believing his Superpower which also includes Teleporting which eventually saves his life. Now, he knows how and where he has to use his powers for a good cause.

Is The Tomorrow People Season 2 Officially Canceled?

With everything taken into account, The Tomorrow People season 2 would’ve been an extreme takeoff from the first, and it’s impossible to at any point truly know whether that would be something worth being thankful for.

The Tomorrow People Season 2

Given the situation the show was in at the time it was dropped (rating wise), a major reshuffle would’ve been compulsory, so in any event, for this situation, it was something the people behind it were glad and able to do.

The projecting wasn’t the issue, given how everybody included was overall uncertain at that point and most have gone on to greater and better things (like Mitchell on SHIELD, Stephen (Robbie Amell) and Cara (Peyton List) are still on CW with The Flash).

Just like so numerous other science fiction shows, it would appear that The Tomorrow People was cancelled directly as it discovered its balance.

Website claims that The Tomorrow People, a CW television drama, has been cancelled; there will be no season 2.

Final Words

Now, as I have already discussed that The Tomorrow People Season 2 is not going to happen as it was officially cancelled due to its user rating and the CW is not expecting the desired profitability from the second season.

Would you have needed to watch if The Tomorrow People Season 2 had gotten down to business like this? Or on the other hand, would you say you were trusting the show would head an alternate way? Tell me in the comments.

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