The teenage rider faces six criminal charges for colliding with a cyclist.


On September 25, 2021, a teenage driver driving a truck collided with a group of six cyclists and sexually harassed them.

This landmark event took place in Texas. Since the incident, the teenage driver has committed six crimes.

Authorities say the teenager was only 16 years old and tried to blow up a cyclist’s exhaust pipe. The cause of the accident is not yet known, but it looks like the teenage driver did it “for fun.”

“Over the past six weeks, investigators have directed investigators to find evidence and interview victims and witnesses,” said the Waller County attorney. “My client and his family continue to pray for the speedy recovery of the injured motorcyclist,” he said. …

The driver’s testimony clearly shows what happened at the crime scene, since they are the main eyewitnesses of the entire incident. According to one rider in the group, around 11:30 on September 25, eight riders completed the Ironman Texas Triathlon group training session.

Suddenly they saw a black Ford pickup entering their lane and approaching Waller, Texas. The driver was deliberately driving on Route 290 and blew out the black exhaust to harass the group and consume the group in black smoke. The driver then pulled up and crashed into 6 of the 8 Ford Super Duty drivers.

Another witness, Chase Ferrell, who was driving past the crime scene, said: “The tires squeaked a lot. I thought someone was dead. I hit the cyclist, the driver stopped the car and got out of the truck to inspect the crash site.

“They say that a teenager asked him at the scene:“ Do you think I’m going to jail? “When Ferrell told him.” Something terrible. ”Ferrell later told him,“ You need to go to jail. ”The four injured cyclists were taken to the hospital, but the teenage rider was not arrested.

Waller District Attorney Elton Mathis worked with his office for about six weeks to interview victims and witnesses and consult with disaster relief specialists to determine the cause of the incident.

Mathis also said that the crime scene was an unfair act on the part of the police as they did not investigate it and did not view it as a crime scene. Waller Police Chief Bill Llewellyn also agreed that “the police did not properly handle the scene, but the police seem to have been influenced by the dominance of the driver’s family.”