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‘The Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans reunites with David Even




Fans have been up in arms because pictures of Jenelle Evans hanging out with her husband David Eason leaked on the internet. When Evans declared she was leaving Eason, people were excited about the former reality star. They felt just like she had finally gotten her life back on track. But those photos made people wonder if Evans was contemplating taking her ex back or if the relationship was over.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason break up

Ans and Eason had a toxic textbook relationship. Eason was fired from Teen Mother two in 2018 for many homophobic comments he made. Then, the two missing custody of Evans’ children after Eason shot a dog in front of them. Evans had filed a temporary restraining order.

She wrote that she was filing”because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior, and his big stockpile of weapons.”

“I am scared for my life and my children’s well-being,” she said, based on docume And in October, Evans did just that.

“I have mostly kept off social media the past couple of days because I have been concentrated on making some major life choices,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’ve lived my life on camera since I was 17 years old. And a lot of it has not been pretty. But it’s been my own life. I understand I want to make changes. I’m starting that today. The children and I’ve moved away from David. Nobody puts into a marriage expecting it to finish, but I understand that it is for my children, and what is ideal for me. Today I have filed documents to begin that process.”

“I love the support from everyone who has asked how I am,” she continued. “The kids and I are doing good. We want time to be together. However, you’ll hear from us again soon.”

Why did Jenelle Evans meet up with David Eason?

After Evans asked to get her order of protection from Eason dismissed, supporters began to wonder whether she was going to go through with her divorce. And afterward, when TMZ published photos of Eason and Evans hanging out together, people became more skeptical.

But according to Celebrity Insider, the two aren’t rekindling their romance.

“Jenelle has been with David since Jenelle wants to have a pretty surface-level friendship with David only to make it simpler with the co-parenting with their shared one because they are focusing on getting back together,” a source said. “She has told those close to her that if he shows any sign of anger or aggression, she is carrying their daughter and leaving. She will not stand for this.”

So basically, Evans is attempting to do the best she can to have a healthy situation for her daughter Ensley.

Both appear to be doing a fantastic job since Eason posted a photograph of him spending time with his little 27, on Instagram sharing Ensley.

“Oh, how I’ve missed this beautiful face!!!” He captioned the photo of Ensley with lipstick all over her mouth. “She’s going to be a makeup artist one day!”

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