The Society Season 2 Renewal Updates: Why The Series Got Cancelled?

The Society Season 2

Renewal or Cancellation? These two are just the phase of a series that can turn the mood of the viewers completely opposite. Even though this year was big for every tv-series and fans have been getting tons of renewals for the upcoming season. The fear of cancellation has already cut one hope. In the list, where we have seen some of the disappointed fans crying for their favorite series, lies The Society Season 2.  

The Society is one of the popular Netflix series that was originally set to release this year. The first season premiered in 2019 and after the release, the show became one of the popular Netflix series. The audience were loving the YA show and have been reacting positively towards it. The cast has performed very well in the first season and after that, things went blank. 


Following the story of the high school girls and boys, which is a go-to theme of Netflix, the showrunners have tried to make the show scary and thriller at the same time. The series went to air and was totally worth everything for the showrunners. After the airing, the show was ranked top in Netflix. 

Despite so much popularity, Netflix was so cruel to cancel the show on the board. It was such a disappointing experience for the fans who were waiting for the series to get renewed. Fans were heartbroken after hearing the cancellation news. Still, we all deeply feel that the series should have another season. Why? Let’s take a look down below. 

The Society Was Left on A Cliffhanger

The Society Season 2

Following the lives of these high school boys and girls who went for a tri[ just to find out that their whole town is vacated. The thrilling and scary series starts with these teenage students who have been under the impression that there is something terrible going on. 

After feeling the situation, they go to find out what exactly is happening in the city. The final episode of the show was quite dramatic. The feelings of the fans were at the peak and then, the show met to its ending. In 2019, the same year when The Society was released, the show ended by releasing its first season and ended on a cliffhanger. 

The fans were satisfied that Netflix will release another chapter. It was also officially confirmed that the show will be happening in the upcoming year. The fans want to know whether everyone has died or there is something to look for.

One of the theories by the fans suggests that there could be the possibility of a parallel universe. The kids were never really into their town, in reality, they were in the Alicante universe which made them think. As Allie Parehman is the new mayor, we have to see what’s the future of the series brings in the upcoming years. 

The Society Season 2: Why the Series Got Cancelled?

The Society Season 2

Earlier, the officials have announced that The Society Season 2 will happen. It was particularly the story that made the audience believe in the upcoming future of the series. Fans are continuously demanding season 2 of the thriller drama but despite such hideous demand, Netflix decided to keep its mouth shut. 

In the long run, the ending of The Society Season 3 was completely heartbreaking and left tears in the eyes, But the cancellation was very shocking. Against such a thing, Netflix came forward and out the reason why they have canceled the show. The officials stated that due to the global pandemic the cancellation had to be done. They further termed the situation as a “Difficult Situation”.

The official noted, “We’ve made the difficult decision not to move forward with second seasons of The Society and I Am Not Okay With This. We’re disappointed to have to make these decisions due to circumstances created by COVID.”

You would be shocked to know that the second season was actually decided to arrive in 2021. The shooting was declared to begin in the summer of 2020. Keyser pointed out and said. “But we were heading back into fall and winter. And then they made the decision that it was too much. That’s, I guess, how it goes.”

The audience was shocked but more than that the cast was blank after getting the news. Keyser talked to the audience and said that they were already talking regarding the cancellation for the months. He explained to the fans.”I can’t pretend I’m surprised,” “I know we had many months of conversations about the challenges of producing in this environment.

“Obviously, no one wants to see the story they’re writing end, and I would like the characters not to end up as the children of New Ham, to have disappeared suddenly, abruptly, never to be seen again. But I’m not entirely in control of that.”

In contrast to this, the audience blamed Netflix for putting “CoronaVirus” as an excuse. The actual reason was the extreme budget that made Netflix cancel the series. Keyser told the fans that the series was over budget which was something to worry about for the platform. “We were dealing with Netflix and the rise in the budget and all of that kind of stuff,” Keyser explained “There were ongoing conversations, we knew that there were challenges for this.”

Definitely “This is extremely upsetting,” “But it would be for anyone. We have no choice but to, as so many people do within this period, deal with the losses that this pandemic has caused. I guess we’re like all those small businesses and restaurants that closed and aren’t going to reopen. Our people are out of jobs, but that’s true all around the country.”

The Society Season 2: What Does The Cast Say?

The Society Season 2

Several petitions and tweets have already started to circulate on the internet. The fans are showing their support for season 2. All these things were pretty evident for the cast who are hoping the series to get released. Netflix has already caused the sensation of the cancellation of many series this year. As it came forward, the fans have typically stuck for the show. The cast is seen to be supportive of the series as well. Kathryn Newton, one of the cast members, tweeted in support of the ongoing petition. 

 So far more than 132,0000 people have signed the petition. If you are one of those fans who are dying for the renewal then you should also step ahead and sign the petition. 

Is There Any Possibility for the Show to Return Back?

The Society has a massive fanbase and these fans are enough for the show renewal. Netflix is already making several controversial topics that are already on the fire. Earlier, they canceled the popular Netflix series Lucifer and fans have done everything to make the show return back. 

Despite all the cancellations, Netflix has to bend down and renew the series. Similarly, there is a big hope for society too. The Popular OTT platform is getting a lot of backlash after canceling all the popular and fan-favorite shows. It’s already been two years since the show was released and the two-year gap will make a lot of things change in the cast. Just take the example of Stranger Things.

The series has three years of gap and boom, we got a completely same cast which looks different. The point is, it would be nearly impossible for the series to pick up the same plot and movie on the road after making such a big gap. We just have to wait and watch what Netflix’s going to do with all these things.