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The Master of the Universe: Revelation Showrunner Kevin Smith explained He-Man Won’t Step Aside For Teela in the show




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The Master of the Universe: Revelation showrunner Kevin Smith explained that He-Man will not step aside for Teela in the series of Netflix.

A rumor popped up since she would create a compared to 23, which He-Man would step aside for Teela. Teela and her girlfriend would supposedly take hero duties over.

Smith would take to Twitter to address the rumor.

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He wrote, “As a showrunner, I really could’ve used these story suggestions *before* we locked the scripts.”

He added, “However, no — He-Man doesn’t have to step aside and Teela doesn’t have a girlfriend in our series.”

He then concluded, “The narrative is really dark and way metal. Before REVELATION we were calling it END OF THE UNIVERSE.”

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At a subsequent Tweet, Smith could add,” Also, Clownfish TV?

Rather than posting your artificial”insider” info, here is a *real* story: Mattel created a behind-the-scenes video featuring our celebrities recording. So a fan took a few of Mark & Lena’s dialog and spliced them old Filmation clips.”

But, the connection takes you to some YouTube video that’s no longer available. A message about the video reads, “The video is no longer accessible because of a copyright claim by Mattel Inc.”

Fans have been markedly worried about the upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revelation series after it was announced at Power-Con in 2019. During that announcement, a description of the show appeared to signify that Teela would be the show’s major protagonist.

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Interestingly less than a week after Smith chided Clownfish TV, Smith himself would run with a rumor concerning the next Spider-Man movie.

On his Fatman Beyond podcast as reported by The Direct, Smith said, “I heard another piece of good f****** news. Were you aware that Spider-Man, the newest Spider-Man movie, don’t possess an attorney in it?”

Smith said the lawyer would be Matt Murdock. Cox and Murdock and Daredevil played from the Netflix series.

Smith noted, “Charlie Cox, they’re earning as Matt Murdock. That has been the rumor on the internet and they say that’s like the one that enjoys Marvel’s like god damn it how did that get out?”

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After Smith’s remarks gained widespread policy, he’d take to Twitter to write, “Perspective: While I, too, hope this rumor is true, please recall that I only talked about it with Marc Bernardin on Fatman Beyond after I read about it on the internet, just like everyone else.

This means that I have no inside information. Much like everyone else, I’m just a hopeful lover”

It seems Smith, like most in Hollywood, clinic principles for thee, but not for me.

What do you make of Smith’s comments? Are you concerned at how Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation will portray He-Man?

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