The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4 Jamie’s urges finally reveal the Secret behind Nick’s Death


Spoiler alert for Season 3 Episode 4: ‘Part IV’

At a troubling moment in the fourth episode of The Sinner’s Season 3, Jamie Burns (Matt Bomer) points out detective Harry Ambrose’s (Bill Pullman) penchant for saving lost, tragic souls looking for a way out something that ends up being the defining part of an event that shows Ambrose’s babysitting expertise.

‘Part IV’ of this season’s murder mystery reveals Jamie’s evolution into a maniacal psychopath because he adopts his inherent violent urges while also dancing around a pattern of flashbacks and nihilistic outbursts from your new father who can not appear to move on from the recent death of an elderly friend. 

But beyond the speculations of Nick (Chris Messina) continuing to have a company psychological hold on Jamie and the manifestation of Jamie’s guilt following letting Nick perish, the incident highlights the scope of Jamie’s loneliness. He’s desperately seeking a thread to hang on to something he discovers in carrying on Nick’s legacy.

The episode kicks off with one of its flashbacks. Nick and Jamie are currently drinking at a bar and Nick expresses his shock Jamie concealing the pregnancy news but does not hesitate to lure on him in once again of having all sorted in his car, with the temptation. 

The flashback, as we’ll find out from the episode, results in the two of them digging at the grave in Sonya’s estate where we know about the intricate plans of Nick kill a human, and that is right. Jamie freaks out but Nick promised him that he’d be till the end by his side and he’d never lie to Jamie.

Nick can justify this urge to confront death as animal nature and to kill. In his defense, he websites how animals kill a god and every day doesn’t shun them for that.

According to him, the newspaper game he plays at the beginning of the flashback that’s all about fortune, destiny, and chance Jamie is the only way. And by the looks of it, the thought has now seeped into Jamie who feels forced to continue the game as that is the only way he can sense the fact and Nick’s existence from beyond the grave.

In his pursuit we locate the step and more walking along deserted roads, taking a train into New York, visiting artwork galleries that are random, standing on the ledge, considering taking. 

The only constant is Ambrose tailing him, practically babysitting him since if Jamie acts out, it’ll be on Ambrose. Jamie tendencies are around for a little while but walking into traffic does not cut the mark anymore.

 He wants more to meet the unquenchable thirst for that which lies beyond death and he does this by befriending middle-aged guys and wing-manning his way to coke and liquor parties in hotel rooms, facing them for no reason at all – behaving out such as an edgy adolescent, who Ambrose so rightly puts is simply angry at the world, while quietly imagining going to a full homicidal spree on all them to unleash the lonely monster within.



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