The singer recently hopped on her Instagram Live multiple times just last night to give her fans an update on how the singer is doing as she quarantines with her friends and also with her grandparents in her California home. And now during her longest, 17-minute live video, she also made a very important announcement to her million Instagram followers. The message was that she has a new dog now named Daisy.

She started by saying that Winnie is here, which she was referencing her other dog that she got just last year. She then said that she would like to introduce her new family member Daisy. Winnie and Daisy are now getting along very well. and she knows that a few friends who are also fostering right now just give animals a better and a safe place. But she could not help it she had to keep her.


Daisy is the new and the little one, she then said that she got daisy a week ago. She looks so sweet and then Winnie is just like a big brother to her and he is in that mode that is for sure. She also stressed at the beginning of her life that it is very important to stay home now.

She had been in the lockdown, she has not left her home recently, she has just left her house to see her sister. She then also added that she hopes that the people are adding this very seriously. According to her, she cannot wrap her head around the people not taking their lives that seriously.

She then, later on, gave a very little tour of her house and then she also introduced to her friends quarantining with her as well. She was not recording any kind of music video, she then said that she was recording but then she had to shut it down due to this pandemic.
Game-wise she has been playing Pictionary with her friends and in the Live as well. she was getting a lot of comments from her fans like how she is doing and what she had to tell about the now-situation. She gave a lot of good information which the people in the world should be strictly following now.

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