The Sex Education cast just revealed 12 wild plot details for the new season


Y’all must be waiting for the second season of Sex education desperately. We’re here with some plot details for you all.

Eric gets himself in the sex facility
Our adored kid Eric is back and beside hindering with some all the more stunning looks, he additionally gets quickly engaged with Otis’ sex center.


He’s not generally excellent at it, however, yet he does at any rate figure out how to show douching to Otis.

Furthermore turns into an all-out heartthrob Sex facilities aside, things being what they are, Eric this season isn’t so frantic for sex any longer, he’s beating forthcoming lovers off.

Not truly. In season two Eric will have two( yes you read that right, TWO) male love interests, however, it’s presently obscure who.

There are three new characters

Very smart Viv, a hot French student from abroad Rahim, and Maeve’s new convoy park neighbor Isaac.

Maeve is no longer blonde!
Promotion pics for 2nd season show Maeve with Emma Mackey’s regular brunette hair rather than the notable season one pink/blonde look.

Pink was a vibe for 2019 yet we’re in 2020 now, so in any case, we move along with it.

She additionally begins to claim her smartness
Maeve attempted to hide her inward geek in season one, yet in season two she begins to possess it.

She joins an “aptitude scheme” and invests significantly more energy with Aimee, thinking less about her badass vibe.

There’s a huge gathering at Otis’ home
Asa Butterfield hosts said that a monstrous house get-together at his home gets crazy, and terrains him in a tough situation.

We just wanna know whether the gathering goers discover Gillian Anderson’s improving dildo assortment, sincerely.

As per updates, we know that the next season is going to be sadder so keep your tissues nearby even before you start watching it!