The Riverdale Storylines That Has Actually Happened This Season

The Riverdale Storylines That Has Happened This Season.

Well, yet another season of Riverdale has ended. And since we have been recapping all of the bonkers and highly entertaining things that has happened all season long, we have decided to put together a master list.

The fourth season began with an incredibly touching tribute to Luke Perry. The viewers learned that Fred Andrews had died when he was hit by a car while he was helping out a stranger. The episode took place on the fourth of July weekend.


The second episode of the fourth season kicked off a few months later at the start of senior year. Jughead was offered a spot at the Stonewall Prep Boarding School, which he took ultimately.

On the other hand, Betty had a hard time trusting Kevin after that whole thing where he almost had her lobotomized.

There was also a new principal, Mr. Honey because if the viewers recall, Weatherbee was a FARMIE and he had canceled the school dance because the last once had too many murders at it.

This will be just a reminder that Cheryl kept Jason’s corpse and talks to it. this will become extremely important shortly. Moose on the other hand transferred to Stonewall Prep and then goes by the name Marmaduke.

The FARMIES murdered a dude while Betty and her brother Charles listened. Nana Rose had ranted about triples burning in a fire.

Archie then became a vigilante and got a new BAD GUY to defeat some guy named Dodger. He then attacked a bunch of guys in disguise and survived.

The viewers learned that Edgar’s big plan: to drive a bus full of FARMIES off a cliff while he takes off in a literal rocket?

Mr. Weatherbee lost a finger, I guess because Edgar thought he was a mole? Alice on the other hand shot and killed Edgar Ever never.

On Halloween in Riverdale, everybody received a very creepy videotape. They also all still have VCR’s and TV’s straight out of the 1950s.

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