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The remake of the second part of Resident Evil zombies is tough customers, with their thick skulls also able to soak up a clip and on their skin able to break a knife. But thankfully, knife science has now come a very long way since 2019, and the new Resident Evil 3 Remake knives are going to be made harder and different.

The original game of this did not have this kind of problem, but now for the remake, Capcom decided to make them some of the defensive weapons, which could be used to stop Leon or Claire from becoming the dangerous zombie. They could also still kind be used offensively, but they were just there for emergencies.

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For the third part of the game, Capcom has changed it again, they told the Game Informer that the knife is returning it to its status as an indestructible backup weapon that, in the right hands, can also be used as a sole weapon. This also won’t be for the faint of their heart, but the knife-only runs will be more possible.

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They said that they kept the knife inexhaustible so that the player who is playing can use it forever, the producer Peter Fabiano told the Game Informer that it is becoming a problem for the gamers. They need to change that thing as soon as possible so that the players can experience good gaming.

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T=it is obvious the players do not expect this from a good game, some of these small mistakes can bring down the interest to play the game which I think that they do not want it.

The remake of Resident Evil 3 demo is available on the Steam, so the players can also play through the part of an early section now, they can play ahead of the April 3rd launch.

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