The Republic of Sarah: Everything That You Need To Know


The Republic Of Sarah revolves around a passionate high school teacher who is determined to save her town from the mining company that is working towards eradicating the whole town! This American drama series created by Jeffrey Paul King went on only for one season.

Seasons: The Republic Of Sarah has only 1 season released till date.

Episodes: There are 13 episodes in the season.

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What Is The Republic Of Sarah About?

Set in the town of Greylock, New Hampshire, a large vein of coltan is discovered. This leads to a greedy mining company to extract it and eventually eradicate the town from its existence. Sarah Cooper, a rebellious high school teacher, plans to go against the company and save the town.

A solution to the mining problem is proposed by Sarah. She suggests Greylock to be declared independent as it was never properly asserted by the United States. The town is then declared independent from the United states. 

Sarah and the residents of the town work to develop the whole country from its foundation.

Cast Of The Republic Of Sarah

The drama features,

  • Stella Baker
  • Luke Mitchell
  • Hope Lauren
  • Nia Holloway
  • Ian Duff
  • Forrest Goodluck
  • Landry Bender
  • Izabella Alvarez
  • Megan Follows

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Where Was The Republic Of Sarah Filmed?

The drama is set in a small fictional town of Greylock in New Hampshire. The actual filming was done in Quebec, the french speaking area of Canada. It is shot in multiple locations in and around Montreal.

Trailer Of The Republic Of Sarah

Check out the trailer here, 

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Will There Be A Second Season Of The Republic Of Sarah?

There won’t be a second season of The Republic Of Sarah. The show was cancelled right after the first season. The series had a very low rating throughout the season and hence it was discontinued.

Jeffrey King posted on Instagram, “I’m sad to say the news is not good, The Republic of Sarah’ will come to an end on Monday with what will now be our Series Finale. Thank you so much to everyone who watched and who let our little show into their lives. It means the world to us. Please tune in on Monday and help us say goodbye to Greylock.”

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Ratings For The Republic of Sarah

The series received an approval rating of 43% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 6/10. On Metacritic it scored a 43/100, indicating mixed and average reviews.

The Republic of Sarah brought something new to the table but did not receive a lot of support from the audience. Stay tuned for more details regarding similar shows!