The Rental: When Will It Release? And Every Other Detail Fans Should Know

The Rental-

The Rental: Updates, Here the famous director Dave Franco is making his first directorial debut with the horror film, The Rental. There are some facts that the horror genre people lover should be knowing about this upcoming movie.

The director, Dave is best known for his work in front of the camera so now he will finally have the chance to showcase his talents and skills from another perspective. He is commonly known for his involvement in the comedy genre, now this will be a great chance for Dave to dive into very much new territory.


Dave started acting in 2006 when he was around 21years old. He got a small role in Superbad and also a recurring part on Scrubs before he even got his big break in the 2012’s Jump Street.

Now since then, Dave has also appeared in popular movies such as Now You See Me, Neighbours Nerve, The Disaster Artist, and many more. He was quite good at his role in his movies.

The Rental

Now while acting for the past decade and a half, he started to get the urge to write and direct something on his own. Then that opportunity finally came to fruition with The Rental. The movie was produced and financed as well under the banner of Black Bear Pictures with some of the executive producers that include Ben Stillman and Teddy Schwarzman.

Release Date Of The Show

After Dave co-wrote the screenplay with Joe Swanberg, this movie went to production in early 2019. The filming of the movie began in April 2019 and then a year later, it was announced that the US distribution rights to Dave’s directorial debut were then acquired by IFC Films.

As of now or at the moment this movie, The Rental holds a release date of July 24, 2020. The movie will be available for the people in theatres and VOD. With the current theatre shutdowns due to the corona-virus pandemic, The Rental movie might also encounter some issues coming or showcasing on the big screen.