The Reason Why for Even Stevens Was Cancelled After Season 3


Even Stevens is an American comedy show aired by Disney channel. It was started in early 2000. But not included a family living in a suburban California and the clashing lifestyle of their children. However, this shows canceled after reaching the 65 episode mark. the show’s main focus is the families clash with children who are, The overachieving Ren and her trouble maker younger brother Louis.

Even Stevens




This early 2000 television series was a must watch and made the audience relate it more, hence, making it a huge success. The personalities of the main characters are opposite making sibling rivalry in the Stevens household. By watching the series, the audience had a good laugh.

The series of 65 episodes before coming to the end of it in 2003. Instead of concluding the series in 65 episodes the production releases a movie that serves as the conclusion of the finale. However, the movie Even Stevens movie which was in 2003 record-breaking one. The series was stopped because of Disney channels 65 episode rule which the strong fan base the series earned was not happy about.

This television series was still a mega-hit before meeting it and in 2003 which proves that it was not to be blamed for cancellation. However, to show fell victim to the Disney’s 65 episode limit which all the shows by Disney channel are not a stranger to. This rule limited shows two originally air two to three seasons which did not fit well with the audience.

The reason behind this role probably is the programming schedule as by the time the public started to catch on the network and started to move away. After the cancellation of the shows Even Steven and Lizzie McGuire that’s so raven and Kim possible season 4 renewal. This television series and movie is now available on Disney+, the streaming service under Disney. Fans hope that this Television series is picked up for renewal, given that Lizzie McGuire, the show cancelled with this one is up for renewal.