The Queen’s Gambit Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Queen's Gambit Season 2

Chess is quite an addicting game and there is no wonder why it is loved by so many people. Thinking of this, Scott Frank developed an amazing series for Netflix last year. The Queen’s Gambit, an American historical film that has been based on the classical old theme, following the age of the Cold war era. After the film was released, it saw the rise in a huge fanbase and the critics claimed that the film is one of a kind in this generation. With such huge popularity all around the world, the fans are expecting that there could be The Queen’s Gambit 2. 

After we saw the mesmerizing performance of Anya Taylor-Joy as the main lead of the film, there were subsequently added fans in the movies. After Netflix released the film on their platform on 23 October 2020, viewers from all over the world took a chance to watch this amazing masterpiece. 

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The first season of this drama has 7-exclusive seasons which shows the story of the lives of this high-class gambler in a closer way. 

Soon after the show got aired, it took no time to get into the top charts and all the 7-episodes were there to watch and even ranked tap on different places. 

The series focuses on Anya Taylor-Joy’s, who is an orphan but turned her life into a prestigious woman soon after she enters the world of chess. 

As the show is already popular, the fans have been constantly wondering if there is any chance to renew the series for its future or not. Fans from the world have been excited to listen to the story of Chess and as the fame is already there, we could at least expect a sequel. Keep reading this article to find out if there will be The Queen’s Gambit season 2 or not. 

The Queen’s Gambit: Know About it!

The Queen's Gambit Season 2

Based on the popular novel by Walter Tevis, The queen Gambit is 2020 American web series that was streamed on Netflix. The Coming-to-age period drama was originally released on  23 October 2020. As soon as the show was released, fans were quick to jump on the story and ultimately found it interesting. 

Personally, I have watched the show from the Top-category list. If you are someone who has always been excited about the Top-chart of Netflix then I think you will get this. As The Queen gambit was released, it was ultimately there in the Top category. I watched the Official trailer and then decided to give the series a chance.

After investing 15 minutes on the show, I was confirmed that the series had to go somewhere. The first season contains 7-episodes and all of them have been an amazing run so far.

It follows the life of Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) and shows the life of the mid-1950s and will end till 1960. Beth has been an amazing chess prodigy and the series shows how her game rose through the hardship. As the orphan gets good at the game, she starts to get fame across the country. 

Moreover, the show portrays how clever mind, gender politics have been affecting life. Along with it, the series features the social-economic life of the people and how drug addiction could lead to serious illness. Not to forget that the series has tried its best to make the show have the social importance of life.

One of the main reasons that the show is quite interesting is the chess world trying its best to make them great. On the other hand, struggling to control themselves and get more devastated with the alcohol. 

Outer Banks has just released its season 2 and the series has topped the Netflix popularity list. It isn’t much surprising news as from the starting the show was receiving numerous appreciation for its amazing cast and storyline. Even the critics have rated the movie well on every platform. After the season ended, people want to know will there be Outer Banks 3?

The Queen’s Gambit Season 2: Is it confirmed?

The Queen's Gambit Season 2

There is no surprise that the fans have been expecting another season of this show. With such positive feedback and great ratings, the series has been trying to make the best out of it. As the show progresses, the story gets quite interesting. 

Even more, the amazing performance has led them to win several Big-Awards which includes 11 primetime Emmy Awards and 2 Golden Awards. For a debut series, it was quite surprising for the creators to get such a huge success but anyone who has watched this series knows what an amazing show it is. The first season of The Queen’s Gambit was released on Netflix on 23 October 2020. Within a few weeks, the show topped in 63 countries and became a famous Netflix show. 

Despite all these amazing things happening, Netflix has canceled season 2. It was quite shocking for the fans as they had expected the series to get another part. 

Nevertheless, the showrunners have not been up to the season 2 thing, that’s the reason why the show was just a 1 season show. 

Soon after the release of Season 1, the showrunners have decided to not renew the series. The officials confirmed and said, “It’s wonderful to know that people loved the show where they want to spend more time with these characters; we never envisioned it that way. We felt that the series had a satisfying endpoint and we’d allow the audience to fill in the spaces as to what happens next for Beth Harmon.”

The Queen’s Gambit Season 2: When is it going to be released?

The Queen's Gambit Season 2

There is no official confirmation regarding season 2. The Queen’s Gambit Season 2 is not planning to return any time soon. 

As the show ended with quite a great ending, there is no chance that the series would get another chapter. Fans are initially hoping to have another season 2 of this series but despite such a huge belief, they get disappointed. Since the show is canceled, there is no release date for the series. 

If you are one of those people who have been waiting to have another season then there is nothing to watch. Instead of this, you can watch the other series and look for another show on our website Honknews and get all the recent updates. 

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